Tutoring Options for CBEST Preparation

How to Identify the Best CBEST Tutor?

The CBEST is a compulsory standardized test held for teachers in the states of California and Oregon. It is held six times a year and can be given in the computer-based or in paper-based format. It evaluates the teachers on three skill areas: Reading, Writing and Mathematics. There are 50 multiple-choice questions in Reading and Mathematics sections. The Writing section contains two essays. In this article, you will be able to determine some of the best known services that can help you prepare for the test. After all, you need thorough preparation for the CBEST in order to attain the desired scores in it.

CBEST Preparation

The CBEST is not a very simple test. The questions posed in it are very challenging and not just pure basics. At the same time, there are a lot of trap answers that are designed to confuse you. However, if you prepare well, you will be able to look through most of these choices and find the correct answers. Usually, the best option to follow while preparing is to join a class for prep or to take up a course. Hence, help is essential in order to practice all the strategies important for scoring high in the test.

CBEST Tutors

Here are some options that you can explore to avail help in studying for the test:

  1. Teacherstestprep.com

    The website for this tutoring program is www.teacherstestprep.com. There are different batch options available for the students under it. These are all given at the preparation centers only and no home-tutoring is offered.

    There are different options provided from TeachersTestPrep in case you want to prepare for only one of the sections or prepare for all the three sections. The sessions are typically held at libraries, coffee shops etc. There is also an option of live-tutoring which is delivered over the internet. This is the best prep choice in case you cannot travel to session locations frequently. The contact number for this source is (800) 764-8616.

  2. My Tutor

    The website for this tutoring program is http://www.my-tutor.com/cbest.html. There is an excellent method of one-to-one tutoring for the students followed at this helpful website. These sessions are conducted specially for Mathematics and English sections. You can even go to the center once a week for a full-length practice test. Based on the scores of your tests, your future sessions will be designed. This is done to ensure that your weaknesses are highlighted and then removed. The price ranges from 35$ to 80$ depending on the number of students who seek admission in a batch.

  3. ABC Professional Tutoring

    The website for this study resource is http://www.abcprofessionaltutoring.com/cbest.nxg. Private tutoring sessions are a part of the curriculum of this tutoring resource. One can even go in for separate sessions for Reading and Mathematics. Each session conducted by this tutoring resource is for two hours. Those who seek more information about this course can avail the phone consultation option as well. This center is located in Los Angeles and you can contact the center at (323) 602-4488.

How to Choose the Best CBEST Tutor

There are many factors that you need to consider while choosing the appropriate tutorial. After all, it will affect the level of score and the performance that you will demonstrate in the test. Hence, you must choose the best course after considering the following factors:

  1. Material Offered: This should be the biggest factor you need to consider before deciding the best mode. You need to look at the weak area/areas and how much material are you getting for those. Also consider the amount of practice tests you will be getting so that you can practice well for the test.

  2. Expertise of Tutors: One more important point that needs consideration is that the tutors who prepare you for the CBEST should be well-trained and should be experts in the subject they teach.

  3. Ease and Convenience: This is a crucial factor but not the most important one. The center location is often, one of the most important factors that a candidate considers, especially if he or she is living away from home or is working.

In the end, it can be concluded that the outcome of a prep course will differ from candidate to candidate. You need to judge what factors are best for you and then choose the course depending on that factor. Remember, an excellent coaching service will ensure that all your problems and doubts are solved and answered. The course will also give you enough practice and hence, help you in improving your score immensely.

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