Tutoring Options For The CBEST

Advantages of a CBEST Tutor

A tutoring class may be a great way to get focused attention and coaching. Most of the CBEST classes available today are short-term classes that provide one-on-one tutoring along with individual coaching on practice tests and test-taking strategies. An effective mentor must provide guidance on all the 3 subject areas of the test and on test-taking strategies, practice-test coaching and individual study-advice. In this article, we will go over the characteristics of few of the most-talked about tutors and the features of the classes that they offer.

Some Effective CBEST Tutors:

  1. Teachers Test Prep

    This organization offers the following tutoring options to students in California:

    CBEST Prep Class: This is a classroom-based CBEST course that is offered in several convenient locations in the state of California. It is a 6-hour class held generally on Saturdays and includes lecture-based instructions on all the 3 subject areas of the test. The Math lecture included in this tutoring class is 3 hours long, while the rest of the lectures are about a hour and a half each. All the key Math topics from the CBEST syllabus are covered. The Reading presentation offers strategies for Reading comprehension questions that test evaluation, analysis, comprehension and research skills of the candidates. In the Writing presentation, details on scoring rules and a general framework to be followed for essay writing is provided. At the end of each presentation, a CBEST practice test is provided based on that section, along with help and guidance from the teacher on applying the principles (that were just taught) to the given practice test. The tutor also presents test-taking tips and strategies to score high in the tests.

    CBEST Personal Tutoring: Individual tutoring is available for a subset of the CBEST test sections or the entire CBEST test. Every student is asked to write a diagnostic test while registering for this course. Based on the score of a candidate in the diagnostic test, an individual coaching plan is created for each student. Each faculty, who is involved in this course, is a qualified and experienced tutor. Different tutoring packages such as hourly tutoring, CBEST Math, Writing, Reading and Combined Tutoring packages are available at reasonable prices. Every package includes personalized instruction and study guides, practice-test coaching and assessments. The subject-wise tutoring packages usually include about 12 hours of instruction, while the combined package is about 24 hours in duration.

    CBEST Online Tutoring: For students who cannot attend classroom sessions, online tutoring is an ideal fit. These classes include 24 X 7 access to an online video library of all the classroom sessions available in the earlier-mentioned Prep Class package. Moreover, online study guides are available to the students, along with a slide show of key CBEST topics. The basic online program also includes 1 free practice test, additional video lessons on test-taking tips and strategies. One more key feature of this program is that a detailed diagnostic report is provided for the practice test, with score analysis for each CBEST test section. For additional charges, more practice tests, 6 months of extended access to the program, live guidance from an experienced faculty and feedback for the Writing test are included in the course packages.

    You may view the details of each of the above programs and register for the courses at http://www.teacherstestprep.com.

  2. California State University

    The CSU university at East Bay and other campus locations provide onsite tutoring classes. At the East Bay Campus of this university, the tutoring program is generally a 2-day program that may include 4-6 hours of instruction on each day. Every class includes instructions in all the 3 subject areas of the test; namely, Math, Reading and Writing. All the key CBEST topics are covered in the sessions, along with a review of sample questions and problem-solving & question-taking strategies. Each teaching personnel involved in this program is a qualified and experienced CBEST coach. Some of the sessions require the students to purchase additional study materials from outside, before they attend the class. The fee for this course is reasonable too.

The Advantages of Using A CBEST Tutor:

A teacher or CBEST tutoring center will provide you the following benefits:

  1. You will receive one-on-one attention.

  2. You will receive personal feedback and a personalized study plan.

  3. Guidance in the Writing test is valuable, because none of the practice tests will give you real-time feedback. Individual coaching on writing good essays is also a key advantage.

  4. Real-time practice-test coaching is a valuable aspect of tutoring. You may not receive this from self-study guides or books.

  5. Last but not the least, advice on difficult topics will make your CBEST study effort easier.

In conclusion, we anticipate that the above-mentioned reviews and recommendations will help the readers of this article pick a guide who will best serve their needs. Good luck to all the CBEST test-takers!

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