Training Methodologies For the CBEST

Choosing the Best CBEST Prep Method

Training for the test is an imperative step that CBEST test preparers take, in order to make themselves completely fit for performing well in the CBEST. Preparing for the test is different from the academic training that CBEST test preparers undergo, as it is completely designed for preparing its readers specifically for the CBEST. Good prep courses not only contain study materials, but also include effective strategies for tackling the CBEST questions well. Hence, selecting a good training course is as important as following it.

Choosing the Best CBEST Prep Method

Passing the CBEST with good scores is not an easy task. Even though the concepts that an examinee will be tested on seem to be simple, the questions and/or the answers can be tricky. Hence, one needs to adopt one of the best CBEST prep methods in order to succeed in this examination with good scores. One also needs to bear in mind that there is no single method, which can termed as the best prep method, as the workability of the preparation methods varies from person to person. However, here are some tips to choose the best mode of preparation:

  1. Take the opinion of CBEST experts- CBEST experts are persons who have profound knowledge of CBEST. They have a number of study strategies in hand, and you can ask them to provide a study strategy which will work for you.

  2. Take a CBEST diagnostic test - Taking a CBEST diagnostic test before you start studying will let you know about your academic strengths and weaknesses. Based on your observation, you can devise a prep method, which will aim at tackling your weaknesses. You can also take the help of your college mentors to devise a simple study plan for yourselves. These tests can be taken in the intermediary stages of your preparation, to obtain an update on your improvement in the areas in which you are strong or weak, and then modify your endeavour accordingly.

  3. Choose CBEST prep methods suggested by senior CBEST test takers - Senior CBEST test takers are the ones who have already taken the CBEST and qualified in it. They will be the persons who might have tried many ways of studying for the exam, out of which they might have found some successful. You can choose from one of their successful methods, and see how they work for you.

  4. Visit good CBEST prep websites - Good and informative websites will have reliable tips on the best methods one could adopt to prepare for CBEST. You could try out some of the tips given on these sites.

  5. Visit CBEST preparation forums - The preparation forums for CBEST will have a number of CBEST test takers discussing about their approach and the best methods of preparing for this examination. These forums are also visited by CBEST experts occasionally. You can take their advice regarding the best CBEST preparation method.


Adequate preparation is important for securing good scores in the CBEST. One should be able to identify, select, follow and derive maximum benefit from a course/program. One should try to devise or find out about the best CBEST preparation method and implement it.