Details to Understand CBEST Better

Understand the CBEST in 5 Easy Steps

The California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) is basically an aptitude test designed by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC), in conjunction with the Pearson group. This test is exclusively created for candidates who desire to become certified educators and work in school districts of California. This test is also applicable for candidates who wish to join counseling and administrative positions with institutes.

Since this test is not a credibility test, it does not measure the candidate's ability to teach. In fact, the structure of the test is designed to map the basic skills required by an educator or a counselor. Thus, these tests are not extensive and do not involve many sections. In order to know more about the test pattern, you can visit . However, a brief overview of this test is mentioned below:

5 Aspects of the CBEST Test:

  1. The CBEST Test Sections:

    Since this is a basic aptitude test, the structure involves three test sections. These are the Reading section, the Mathematics section and the Writing section. The time duration given to complete all three test sections is around 4 hours.

    The Reading Section has 50 questions which are in the multiple-choice format. It should be known that 40% of this section involves questions that would assess the critical analysis and evaluation skills of the candidate. The rest of the test would have questions designed to assess the candidate's comprehension and research skills.

    The Mathematics section also contains 50 multiple-choice questions based on algebra, geometry and basic mathematical concepts. Accordingly, 30% of the questions in this section assess the candidate's concept about estimation, measurementand statistical principles. Alongside, around 35% of this section involves computation and problem solving, while the rest of this section would have questions based on numerical and graphic relationships.

    The Writing Section is designed to assess the candidates written skills through 2 essay writing topics.You would have one topic on a situation and the other topic would be based on your personal experience. However, to get more information on CBEST test sections, you can visit

  2. The Scoring Method:

    According to the exam pattern, the candidate's performance is measured on an overall scale from 60-240. In fact, each test section is scored on a scale of 60-80. A minimum score of 123 is the passing criteria for this test. However, it is mandatory for you to pass each test section separately. Thus, you are required to score at least 41 on each test section in order to pass. Moreover, you can visit and gain more information about the scoring pattern of this test.

  3. Retaking the CBEST Test:

    There are some unique features in this test. First, you are allowed to retake this test in case you fail any particular section. Moreover, there is a provision in this test where you are given the choice to undertake a retest for the specific section you have failed in or you can attempt to solve all the sections of the test by retaking the whole test again.

  4. Performance Report:

    A performance report is given after you submit the test, wherein the highest score for all test sections is considered in case of retakes. In general, a score of 61-80 is considered to be an exceptional performance for any test section. You can get the result on your e-mail if you have registered online for this test. However, your score report would be available for 45 days after taking the test on the official testing site.

  5. Preparing for CBEST Test:

    There are many study resources available on the online and offline markets for purchase. For example, you can access online CBEST study guides at You can also avail the free official practice test for CBEST at

    It is important for you to check the study material and compare it with the current format of the test. Since the result for this test would make you eligible for good teaching opportunities, it is essential that you utilize all resources available to be well-prepared for it.