How to Get Results For The CBEST?

Sources for Getting CBEST Results

All candidates aspiring to work as educators in California are required to be certified through the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST). This is a skills test designed by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) in order to measure the candidate’s competence as an educator, counselor or an administrative professional for any public school in California.

About the CBEST Evaluation Method:

The CBEST test involves three test sections i.e. the Reading section, the Mathematics section and the Writing section, where each section would be scored separately. The time duration given to the candidates in order to complete answering these test sections is around 4 hours.

The educational institutes consider the final scores of candidates while short-listing them for the position available with them. Hence, it is important that you score well in this test. However, there are a few points mentioned below which would help you to understand clearly about the scoring scheme of the test.

  1. The CBEST overall score is calculated on a scale of 60-240 and each test section would be scored individually on a scale of 20-80.

  2. According to the CTC guidelines, it is mandatory for every candidate to pass in each test section in order to clear this test.

  3. Additionally, the candidate must attain a score of 41 or above in every test section and attain a cumulative test score of 123 or above.

  4. In case, a candidate fails any test section(s), then he/she is given a choice to either retake only those particular test section(s) or retake the entire test.

Obtaining the CBEST Test Results:

  1. Unofficial Test Result: The unofficial test score for the CBEST is given to the candidate as soon as he or she has taken the test for the Reading section and the Mathematics section. However, the scores for the Writing section would be declared only after two weeks of taking this test.

  2. Official Score Report: The official transcript of your final results would be sent to you according to the directions mentioned by you during the CBEST test registration process.

    • Online Registration: If you had mentioned your email id during the registration process, then you will receive the score report on the email id provided by you on the same day on which the results are declared.

    • Telephone Registration: If you had registered by phone and mentioned any postal address, then a copy of the score report would be sent by U.S.Mail to you.

  3. Permanent Verification Card: The Permanent Verification Card is the proof of passing the CBEST test. If you clear the test then you would receive a Permanent Verification Card along with your test results which you can keep for your records along with two copies of this card and use it while applying to educational institutes for jobs.

  4. Availability of Test Results: You can log into your CBEST account at and avail your marks online for 45 days from the declaration of your test scores. You can also view and print these results for your personal records, if required.

  5. Additional Copies of Your Test Result: There is a provision for requesting additional copies of the score sheet, if required. However, this is a paid facility and the candidate is required to submit the request form ( in order to receive additional copies of the CBEST test score.

You can visit and gain more information about how to receive your report. It should be known that the CBEST certification is required once only.

Scores are an important criterion that makes you eligible to apply for various teaching positions with good institutes in school districts. Your teaching career can only take-off when you to achieve a high CBEST score and obtain impeccable results to become a certified educator. Thus, it is suggested that you focus all your energy and time and invest in the right study material in order to clear this test with flying colors.

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