Preparation Methods for the CBEST

3 Methods to Prepare For CBEST

If you desire to work as an educator in California, then you have to be certified by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) through the CBEST test. The California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) was designed with the aim to assess potential educators for basic skill sets required according to the CTC guidelines. However, this test is not considered as a credibility test and thus does not provide any ranking or comparison for the competence level among teachers.

3 CBEST Test Prep Methods:

  1. Preparation through Study Guides:

    There are many useful guides available in the online and offline market for purchase. The most prominent study guides with their online links which are utilized by candidates appearing for this test are:

  2. Preparation through Online Courses:

    Like other exams, you can access a variety of material for this exam through online courses which easily are available for purchase. You can visit Teacher's Test Prep at or Longsdale Publishing at and get details of various CBEST online courses offered. Most programs are available in package deals for the entire test or you can avail preparation material required for specific test sections at a special price.

  3. Preparation through Special Courses:

    It should be known that there are certain universities that provide special courses for CBEST preparation. These courses may be in the form of seminars or class-room sessions. These institutes provide coursework in the form of notes and conduct practice CBEST tests to help you to identify your areas of improvement. The links to such institutes that provide preparatory courses are mentioned below:

It would take more than just studying overnight to clear the CBEST exam. Even though retakes are allowed in this test, it is better that you strive to pass the CBEST exam in the first attempt. Moreover, utilizing the right reading material and methods, you would find this entire journey more rewarding once you clear this exam and become a certified educator.