Study Guides for CBEST

How to Choose the Best CBEST Study Guide

A study guide is considered as the CBEST preparation material that serves as a study reference material for preparers of the California Basic Educational Skills Test. A study guide, in general, proves to be an asset to a person who knows how to select the correct study guide and use it wisely for improving his or her scores in the CBEST. CBEST study guides are published officially and also non-officially by reputed publication houses.

How to Choose the Best CBEST Study Guide?

A good study aid can be expected to have the following characteristics:

  1. It should be written by CBEST teachers and subject matter experts - Apart from the official test administering authorities, the CBEST coaches and those who have earned very good scores in the CBEST, are the ones who can be trusted in producing high quality study matter. One should first verify the credentials of the author(s) of the CBEST book one wants to buy, regarding these aspects. The study books written by non-CBEST subject matter experts should be given lesser preference than those written by CBEST subject matter experts.

  2. It must be written in an easily understandable manner - An effective book is one that is written in an easily understandable manner, and presented in a fashion, in which its contents can be recalled effortlessly, will prove to be a very useful study aid in comparison to those study guides which do not have these characteristics. Hence, one should always opt for content that is written in a simple language.

  3. The standard of its practice test papers should be higher than the CBEST - The practice test papers should be of a higher standard than the questions of the actual CBEST test. This is to prepare the prospective candidate for tackling the CBEST questions effortlessly.

  4. It should contain the best strategies for taking CBEST - Good study and test taking strategies go a long way in helping an examinee perform better in an examination. A study guide that suggests good study and test taking strategies is of immense help to the prospective examinee.

  5. It must provide information about other useful resources - Most guides also provide information about other useful CBEST study resources, such as, study videos and interactive online sessions.


Prep materials immensely increase one's chances of obtaining good scores in CBEST, provided, one selects the useful ones out of the available, and also derives maximum benefit from it wisely.