All About the Scores on CBEST

Importance of Scoring High in CBEST

CBEST stands for California Basic Educational Skills Test. It is conducted throughout the states of California and Oregon and is a standardized test. The main areas tested on the CBEST are: Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The most important thing you need to consider about this test is the scoring pattern. This is because you need to know how you will be scored for the exam. All important information pertaining to the CBEST test and the scoring process followed for it can be found on the official test website (

Test Scores

There are three sections in the CBEST. The scaled score for each of these three sections ranges from 20 to 80. The passing score in each of these sections is 41. Hence, a candidate needs to attain at least 41 out of 80 to pass that particular section. The next thing about thescoring pattern you need to know is that a candidate needs a total of 123 points of the total 240 to pass the entire test. In case, the candidate scores the minimum 123 points, there can be a slight lenience and he or she can be allowed to pass the test even if the score in any individual is more than 37 but less than 41. However, 37 is the minimum limit in case of such an instance.

One peculiar thing about the scoring pattern is that once you pass any one or more sections of the CBEST, you do not have to pass it or them again. The reason is that your scores are valid for a life-time.

Scores for the Writing Section

Since the Writing section does not contain any fixed number of multiple-choice based questions, the scoring for this section is slightly different. There are two essays and they are scored holistically to reach a final score out of the scaled score of 80. Six important criteria are considered for the scoring procedure of the Writing section: appropriateness, grammatical structures, usage, support and development, rhetorical force and the organization.

How to Check the Scores?

For the school system, it is very important that it employs teachers who have shown their proficiency in the important skills pertaining to Reading, Writing and Mathematics. These skills are a very important part of the curriculum as well. A teacher must be aware of all the concepts that are tested in this test. All these concepts pertain to the basic level and no mastery over the subject is required in order to get a good score in them.

For similar reasons, the CBEST test is also important for the candidates who are appearing for the test. It gives them a fair idea of what they need to teach in the curriculum. The scoring allows them to be able to judge for themselves whether they are eligible for a teaching position or not.

Significance of Test Scores

The scoring pattern is important to know because the scores attained in this test carry huge importance towards one's having a successful career. The scores decide whether or not you will be able to pursue a career in teaching. These are usually mailed to you six to eight weeks after the actual test date. Through these scores, you will be able to find out whether you have passed or not in each of these test sections. You will also find some information on your weak areas and some areas where you might need to study more through these.

To check or report your scores, you need to visit the official website and visit the 'Reporting' tab ( Once you click on that tab, there will be five options in front of you:

  1. Assessing your scores: You can visit the link mentioned and have a look at the areas in which you were strong and where you went wrong the most.

  2. Computer-based test dates: You can schedule your computer-based test.

  3. Explanation of score reports: The entire scores will be explained with a detailed section-wise break-up.

  4. Assess to your testing history: You can view all the past tests that you have given along with the scores attained in those.

  5. Requesting for additional copies of the test scores: You can make the payment and get the extra copies of your score reports.

One can choose the option that suits one's needs and thus move ahead with inquiring about the CBEST scores in an easy manner.

In the end, it can be concluded that knowing all the important information about the scoring system is essential. You need to be aware of the scores you need in every section. This will ensure that you do not have to appear for the test again and again.