Selecting the Test Date for CBEST

Best Time to Take the CBEST

Your study schedule encompasses the date on which you will appear for the CBEST and activities that you will officially perform on that day, in order to complete the test and its associated activities. Your schedule for the test will be made known to you by the test administering authorities after your test date is confirmed. Strictly following the schedule and satisfying all the requirements stated in it, are of utmost importance to you, as you will be allowed to appear for this examination only after you meet its requirement(s), however insignificant they may appear to be.

Test Dates and Registration

The test dates are the dates on which CBEST tests are available for the examinees. The examinees can take this test on these dates after completing the registration formalities. These dates are predetermined by the examination authorities and presented to the candidates on their examination date website ( The prospective test takers have to choose from dates on which the tests are available and plan their schedule accordingly. The test dates for the paper-based CBEST test are tabulated at The test dates for the online test are detailed out at

Before finalizing the CBEST test date, one has to register for this examination. Registration for this test can be done at ( However, some testing centres may be authorised by the test administration authorities to register candidates for taking this examination, but you should verify the authenticity of such a facility and check if it is offered by a examination centre.

It is a good practice to first read and follow the instructions and guidelines detailed out on the Before You Register webpage ( to do a perfect job in the test registration process, as this page contains vital pre-registration information.

Best Time for Taking the CBEST

Your CBEST test date plays an important role in your success in this examination. Understandably, you may wonder about the best time for taking the CBEST. However, you should know that there is no such standard time called ‘the best time‘ for taking the test. It is all individualistic, and one's best time for taking the CBEST is ideally, when he is prepared well for it. Here are certain points that you could consider for determining the most favourable time for you to take the CBEST:

  • Take the CBEST when you are not overloaded with other occupations - A perfect time to attempt the CBEST is when you are not pressurized by other occupations. Preparation for the CBEST requires you to focus completely on its preparation and this demands a major portion of your daily time. You can meet this requirement only when you are free from your college academics or occupation. As CBEST can be taken several times a year, there is no need for you to rush with the test date. You can fix it up when you have prepared for it thoroughly, with complete attention and effort.

  • Take the CBEST when you are not under any kind of stress - Good performance in the CBEST requires you to have an ace preparation. Your schedule should be planned out when you are in a calm state of mind, so that your planning judiciously takes into account the pros and cons of such scheduling, and also ensures better success. You should also not attempt to take the CBEST when your mind is disturbed with professional or personal issues. Once you are determined to appear for CBEST, you should make an effort to keep your mind in a stress-free state till you successfully complete the examination.

  • Take the CBEST when you have just completed your last qualifying academic examination -  A student who has just appeared for his high school or college studies will have all the academic concepts that he has just covered fresh in his mind. Hence, such a student will be saving the time spent on learning and revising concepts, which persons who are out of touch with the subjects have to do. With the basic concepts ingrained in the mind, one needs to simply train oneself for taking the CBEST in order to emerge out with flying colours in that examination.


The study plan of an examinee plays an important role in determining the examinee's success in the CBEST. Remember, the best time to take CBEST is when one is thoroughly prepared for it and can take it with complete confidence.

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