Reviews of CBEST Study Books

3 Points to Look for in a CBEST Book

The CBEST is a standardized test held in the state of California and some regions of Oregon. It stands for California Basic Education Skills Test and is conducted by the NESINC in paper-based as well as computer-based formats. There are three sections in the test: Reading, Mathematics and Writing. The scores of the test are valid for a life time. In order to excel in the CBEST, you definitely need a lot of preparation. This article will guide you towards the best sources of preparation around you through a comprehensive review. Follow this article to get a fair idea of what to expect from different preparation guides.

Review of Commonly Used Guides

  1. Kaplan CBEST (Allan Mundsack, Charlotte Doctor)

    You can easily purchase this book online at ( This book will cost only $13.06. There are three full length practice tests in this book along with one extra diagnostic test. It is advised that you first take the diagnostic test to determine the sections you are weak in and then proceed with studying from this guide. You can also find out the level and type of questions that you will see in the actual CBEST in this book. The most important part of this book is that it contains a lot of extra strategies that will help you excel in the test easily.

  2. CliffNotes (Jerry Bobrow)

    The link to purchase this book would be The website is and you can buy this book here at a cost of $13.72. There is a complete extensive review of the Mathematics section in this book. In this regard, the reviews for this book are excellent. Additionally, it offers 4 practice tests. Each test has two essays and questions based on Math and Reading sections. Some of the concepts are described in a lot more detail than required. However, you can definitely buy this book if you are looking for difficult questions.

  3. Cracking the CBEST (The Princeton Review)

    The cost of this book is $12.92 at The link for the purchase is The review of this book contains one main point: This book teaches amazingly helpful strategies to crack the CBEST. There is not a lot of emphasis placed on basic fundamental concepts. However, the techniques explained are excellent and help you reduce the time you take per question. There are two full-length practice tests in this book which you can attempt at the end of your preparation.

3 Important Points to Look for in a Book

Point 1: Amount of Practice Material it Provides

The most important thing you need to consider about a book while going through its reviews is the amount of practice questions and drills it provides. The level of all question types should be simple and basic. Hence, you should not need a book that explains all these basic points in detail. However, you should look for a lot of different questions for each topic to carry on your practice.

Point 2: How Accurate it is Regarding the Actual Test

There are many books available in the market for CBEST. However, you must go through the review of every book so that you get an idea of whether the material of the book matches the level of the actual CBEST or not. This is because there are many books that contain a lot of extra information or are very difficult as compared to the actual level of the CBEST. It is best to keep away from such sources as they will confuse you.

Point 3: How Much Testing Material it Provides

At the end of your preparation, you need a lot of material to test yourself. For the same purpose, the book that you purchase must have enough full length practice tests. Apart from the test, there should also be excellent explanations provided in this book for every question.

Hence, it can be concluded that you need to follow some basic steps during your preparation so as to ensure that it is carried out properly. For this, you should first go through the reviews of the books available; then choose the one you prefer and finally start practicing. Be sure to leave some time at the end so that you can take some practice tests as well.

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