Results of CBEST

Sources of CBEST Results

The results refer to the outcome of the performance of CBEST examinees in this examination. The results of CBEST (California Basic Educator Skills Test) are calculated by marking the performance of the examinees on a scaled score. Based on these scores, theresults of an examinee can be declared as passing or failing scores. The scores obtained in the CBEST examination, overall, and in the individual sections, are detailed out in the score report, which is sent to the test takers and to the institutions to which they wanted their results to be reported.

How Are the Results Declared?

The results are declared in a couple of ways, as follows:

  1. Unofficial

    You can come to know about how you performed in the Reading Skills and Mathematics Skills sections of the test, as soon as you complete them. However, your results for the Writing Skills section will not be available to you till they are evaluated by the concerned examiners, which may take about a couple of weeks from your test-taking date. Unofficial reports merely give you an idea of your performance in the CBEST, and you cannot use them to get employment. You have to wait for the official declaration of yourresults to use them for getting employment as a CBEST certified educator.

  2. Online Publication of Results

    Your results will be available to you, online, at 10 PM, Pacific time, on its date of publishing, as declared in the Test Dates webpage

    You can access your scores online by accessing the score reporting webpage,, and following the instructions mentioned there. You have to log in to your account on this webpage to view your CBEST score, and to save or print it. Yourresults history is also maintained by this webpage. You can use it for keeping a track of your performance in your different attempts of the CBEST, if you have appeared or are required to appear for the CBEST more than once. The scores are available online for 45 days after their publication on the internet.

How to Obtain the Results?

The examinees obtain their results, when the testing authorities send their results to them. These results are sent to the test taker, the examination centre from which the test taker took the test, and the institution(s) to which the examinee wants to disclose his results for employment purposes. Score reports are sent by email to the addresses supplied by the prospective examinees in their registration details, if they have registered for the test online. If they have registered for the CBEST via the telephone, their score report will be sent to them and any other addresses indicated by them, via the US email services. Ideally, the prospective examinees should be receiving their results within two weeks of their appearing for the test, failing which; they should contact the test administering authorities. Their results will not be declared to them by telephone, fax or personally. They are advised by the test administering authorities to print a copy of your online results, as there may be a delay in their results reaching them, due to the time consumed in the postal processes. Along with their results, they will also get a Permanent Verification Card that attests their passing this examination. They are also given a couple of copies of their PVC transcripts for sending to different institutions for consideration for employment. More information about obtaining the test results is available on this webpage:

Sources of the Results

The official website is your best source for your results. You should access the Score Reporting Webpage ( to access your account to view your results. If you have appeared for paper-based CBEST or do not have access to the internet due to some reason, you can always take the assistance of your test center in tracking yourresults.


The results are declared on the official website and are also sent to you personally. You can view them online by visiting the official webpage, and also print a copy of them and save them. For more information on the test results and their interpretation, please visit, all the webpages that are linked to this main page and its child webpages.