How to Prepare for CBEST

Preparing for CBEST in the Best Possible Manner

Preparation refers to the process of readying oneself for taking the California Basic Educational Skills Test, and emerging successful in it. A fruitful preparation for any public examination involves setting study targets, setting the correct goals to achieve these targets on the set deadline, and devising the most effective strategies to tackle the examination questions successfully.

Preparing for CBEST in the Best Possible Manner

Detailed out below are certain steps that will help you in preparing for CBEST in the best possible manner:

  1. Fix the examination taking date only after you complete your studies for CBEST - If you want to perform well in CBEST, you have to be extremely thorough with your preparation for it, before you attempt it. Hence, it is a good practice to first prepare for this examination well, and then fix up a date for appearing for it. You can always set a deadline for completing yourpreparation, and work on it.

  2. Set daily goals and achieve them at any cost - You can meet deadlines only when you work towards achieving them by setting daily goals, and meeting them at any cost. Make a study chart for your daily studies and stick to them, religiously, everyday.

  3. Visit the official website ( and read each and every bit of information relevant to you, compulsorily - Ensure that you read all the details on the website, carefully. You should be very careful about meeting all the requirements of the test administration authorities, starting from your registration for the test to the examination hall formalities. Many, often, tend to ignore the guidelines that are set for examinee etiquette and examinee permissions to take the test in the examination hall. As a result, they fall into trouble in the eleventh hour, as the examination authorities usually tend to be very strict in these matters.

  4. Take a diagnostic test - A number of websites offer diagnostic tests, for a prospective examinee to identify the academic strengths and weaknesses of the self. You should also take these tests before you start your preparation once, to get a preliminary idea of the amount of effort that you have to put in each content area of the CBEST, to pass in all of its sections individually and also to attain high scores in the examination, in total.

  5. Plan your studies - Follow your performance in the diagnostic tests, and allot time accordingly to the different individual content areas of the CBEST. The subjects, in which you are weak, will obviously, require more of your time and effort. At the same time, do not neglect the subjects in which you are strong. You should also devote time to practice different types of questions from these subjects so that your performance in these subjects is excellent. Attaining good scores in the subjects in which you are strong will help you in increasing your overall scores even if you just attain a pass mark in the subjects in which you do not have a command over. Set daily goals and work towards achieving them, strictly.

  6. Take the help of external resources to make your preparation foolproof - Identify and refer to good study guides, experts, preparation courses, and other resources to update your examination and test-taking strategies. Take part in discussions with experts, and your friends who were successful in CBEST, to assess the quality of your preparation.

  7. Take a pretest - Once you have ensured that you have studied well for the CBEST, take a pretest to assess the quality of your preparation. This will boost your confidence for performing well in the actual test. Many websites offer pretests; you could visit a website that offers authentic pretests and take the test. You can discuss the test results with your CBEST mentor (you have to find a good expert and make that person your mentor) and take your mentor’s guidance for further preparation.

  8. Register for CBEST - You should visit the official website and register for it there, once your test preparation is complete. Do not forget to keep practicing for CBEST in a methodical way till you appear for the test.


Good preparation requires a methodical approach. Hard work, done in an effective manner, is sure to yield good results. Hence, there is no point in learning things by rote and putting efforts in a manner that do not yield results.