Utility of Prep Courses for CBEST

The Best Way to Utilize a Prep Course

As candidates preparing for the CBEST test, you may be looking for different kinds of prep options. Among the various types of preparatory methods available today,prep courses are considered by many test takers. The reasons for this include the availability of one-on-one coaching, practice-test guidance, adaptive recommendations and individualized study plans. Let's review the features of 3 prep courses to get an idea of the benefits that they offer to the students.

The 3 Effective Prep Courses:

  1. Teachers Test Prep - Prep Class

    The key features of this prep course are listed below:

    • This course consists of lecture-based classes for 6 hours and is generally conducted on weekends.
    • It is available in many towns across California.
    • It covers all the subjects of the test curriculum.
    • Each lecture in this course is followed by a practice test, wherein the tutors provide assistance to the students on difficult question items. This course is among the very fewcourses that provide such practice-test guidance.
    • This course also provides many effective strategies to the students to improve their test performance.

    You may register for this course at http://www.teacherstestprep.com/cbest_prepclasses.

  2. Teachers Test Prep - Personal Tutoring

    The key features of this course are listed below:

    • It provides one-on-one tutoring to the students.
    • The students may either opt for classes on all the 3 test subjects; namely, Math, Reading and Writing or for a subset of these subjects.
    • This course is preceded by a diagnostic test, wherein a student's strengths and weaknesses are mapped. Based on this mapping, a one-on-one study plan is devised for the student.
    • Several coaching plans such as hour-based, individual and combined subject plans are available to choose from. The plans may offer about 12-24 hours of coaching.
    • This course includes the distribution of study guides, practice-test coaching and individual assessments.

    This is one of the few courses that offer diagnostic guidance and one-to-one instruction. You may register for this course at http://www.teacherstestprep.com/cbest_tutoring_info.

  3. Teachers Test Prep - Online Tutoring

    The key features of this prep course are listed below:

    • It is an online course, with instant and continual access to a comprehensive course library.
    • Its course library consists of video lessons that cover all the subject areas of the test.
    • This course comes with access to online study materials and presentations of subject matter.
    • It also consists of a free practice test and several videos on score-improvement strategies.
    • At the end of this practice test, the students are given a diagnostic report which analyzes their strengths and weaknesses in each test area.
    • The additional features of this course include a suite of practice tests, extended admittance to the course, personal guidance from a group of tutors and individual feedback of your writing skills.

    This is one of the few courses that provide personalized feedback for writing practice tests. You may register for this course at http://www.teacherstestprep.com/cbest_online.

The 5 Best Tips on How to Make the Most of a Prep Course:

If you choose one of the several prep courses available in the market today, then here is a list of effective ways to make the best of the course you have selected:

  1. You must make sure you receive printed copies of all the study materials that are used in the course. You will need this for review later.

  2. Even if your course does not include a diagnostic report, you must insist or negotiate for one. This will ensure that you receive personal feedback on your strong and weak subject areas.

  3. Try to get as much guidance and feedback on your Writing skills. If your course includes personal essay-writing instruction, then make the best of it by documenting the key writing strategies recommended during the class.

  4. You may ask for a list of recommended self-study guides or books from the tutors for further study. Also, you could ask them for their reviews on those books.

  5. You must finally make sure that you get the contact details (email ids) of your tutors, so you could contact them for guidance on complex problems and practice questions, even after the end of the course.

In conclusion, we anticipate that the above-mentioned tips and assessments of prep courses will help you choose wisely and thereafter, make the most of the course that you have selected.

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