Good Prep Courses for CBEST

4 Things A Course Must Have

A prep course is a study program that a CBEST test taker undergoes in order to prepare for the test, with the aim of succeeding in it with good scores. Identifying a good course to join is as important as joining it; and taking maximum benefit from this course is also as important as joining it. Hence, a test taker has to identify a good course, join it, and derive maximum benefit from it.

Reviews of Some Popular Courses

Presented below are the reviews of some popular courses from which you can select one to join:

  • Teachers Test Prep CBEST Prep Classes (

    Framed on the content areas exactly specified by the official CBEST test administering authorities, this course, focuses and trains the CBEST test takers in all the concepts on which they will be tested in CBEST, thus strengthening their command over the subjects they will be tested in, in the CBEST. The designers of this course have researched well on the approach that one should take to arrive at accurate answers in the Reading Skills and Mathematics sections of CBEST. They also train the test takers in implementing the answering methods that impress the examiners in the Writing Skills section of the test. Practice tests, at regular intervals of subject coverage, are conducted to diagnose the subject-matter grasping ability of students; guidance is provided to students who need them in specific subjects. This course is offered in the face-to-face and the online modes. Access to free practice materials and classroom slides is an additional attractive feature of this course.

  • California State University, East Bay Continuing Education's CBEST Prep Course

    The CSE (East Bay) conducts workshops to strengthen one's concepts in the test content areas. These workshops are designed as review courses that cover the important concepts of the test. They are supplemented with adequate number of test taking strategies and tips. The following webpages contain more information about the workshops conducted by CSE:

    These workshops are of short duration, and are available at a reasonable cost.

  • California State University, Long Beach CBEST Prep Course (

    This course of CSU (Long beach) is conducted by credentialed instructors, which means that the course that they conduct can be considered to be authentic. They impart classroom coaching and help a student get used to the test taking environment by simulating the actual examination environment and rules, as much as possible. Here, one will get to practice the questions in a timed mode. Special emphasis is laid on the Mathematics section, which is generally found to be tough by many test takers.

4 Important Characteristics of a Good Prep Course for CBEST

  1. Credentialed Faculty - A course conducted by credentialed faculty can be safely considered to be authentic and of high quality. It can also be expected to cater to the exact requirements of good performance in the CBEST. Hence, one should opt for courses conducted by credentialed faculty and not non-credentialed faculty, as the latter type of faculty may have not have the necessary skills required to train the test takers, even though they may have in-depth knowledge of the content areas.

  2. Adequate Preparation Resources - A good course will provide adequate preparation resources for the student to get trained for performing well in the CBEST. It will contain a large number of practice questions and their correct explanations, study tips, study resources and techniques to perform well in the CBEST. Rather, it will be aimed at training the student to excel in the examination, and not merely qualify in it.

  3. Easy to Comprehend - One of the characteristics of a good course is to educate the  test takers in an easy-to-understand manner. This is a very important characteristic that one should consider before joining it. This is because a student cannot perform well, unless he or she understands what is taught to him or her, and good knowledge on the part of the faculty does not ensure good teaching skills on their part.

  4. It Should Cater Well To The Exact Requirements of The Test Taker - As different test takers have different abilities, they will have a vast variety of preparation requirements. Rarely does a single study course cater to all the possible preparation requirements of all test takers. Hence, one should select the course that best suits one's requirements the most, and then join it.


Attending a preparatory course can be the best study option that a test taker can opt for in comparison to self-study, as this course will give the test taker an opportunity to discuss the test taker's academic issues with their tutors personally, and take their guidance. However, one should cautiously choose a good course to join, and wisely derive maximum benefit from it.

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