Coaching Classes for CBEST

What to Avoid While Choosing a Prep Class

The 6 Things You Must Avoid While Selecting a Prep Class:

When you are looking for a class to enroll in, make sure you avoid the ones that include the following features:

  1. Any course that has inflexible schedules or timings.

  2. The courses that are too expensive, but yet don't provide customized coaching plans and individual guidance.

  3. Any course that only includes a single test section.

  4. The ones that are not from distinguished educational institutions or that do not have experienced tutors in them.

  5. The ones that don't divulge all the course information (even on insistence) about the course details and tutors.

  6. The ones that don't provide any guarantee or second-attempt (free of cost), if you fail the test after attending that course.

We anticipate that the above-mentioned tips on selecting a class will help you make the best decision going forward. We also recommend that you talk to the course administrators to verify all the course information first-hand and thereafter, check with any former students of these courses for their valuable feedback, before you make your choice.