Coaching Classes for CBEST

What to Avoid While Choosing a Prep Class

If you are looking for the most effective class, then this article will provide you a list of well-known classes you could choose from. While you are reading through the reviews, you must pay attention to the features, pros and cons of each class and pick the one that favors your strengths the most. Along with these reviews, the article also provides you with a list of things you must stay away from while picking a prep class.

The 3 Well-Known Prep Classes:

  1. Teachers Test Prep Class -

    Let's discuss the advantages of this class. This course incorporates all the subject areas of the syllabus and comprises of 6-hour lectures on weekends, which is convenient for busy students and working professionals. It is conducted in several convenient locations in California. It also includes several guided practice tests, with the tutors providing well-proven test strategies to the students.

    On the other hand, a few disadvantages of this course may include cramped 6-hour schedules and the lack of exhaustive study materials. During the 6-hour schedule, the students may not receive individual attention. Except for the access to a slide-show of prep topics, expansive study guides or custom prep materials are not distributed before or after the classes. To access additional study material, you must enroll for the online tutoring package at the link mentioned above.

  2. Teachers Test Prep Personal Tutoring -

    There are many key advantages to this class; such as the availability of person-to-person coaching to the candidates (in the entire syllabus or a subset of it), and a self-diagnostic assessment in the beginning of this course (wherein a rating card and an individual coaching plan is given to all the students). Many flexible options such as hourly, personalized, single or multiple-subject tutoring packages are also available in this course to pick from. In addition to this, several prep materials, practice-test coaching and adaptive feedback are provided to the students.

    One disadvantage of this course is that the fees are hour-based; hence, the students who need more time may end up paying a heavy fee.

  3. California State University East Bay -

    One key feature of this class is that it is a classroom-based course, which is usually held as a 2-day class with 4-6 hours of classroom-time each day. The classes are held at the CSU campus at East Bay. The advantages of this course are its coverage of all the 3 subject areas of the syllabus, the discussion of several sample questions during the classes and its affordable fee structure. Moreover, the course tutors provide test-taking strategies and guidance to the students.

A few disadvantages of this course may include the facts that no study materials may be provided and the duration of the class may be too short for students who are looking for additional guidance. Generally, the students are required to buy out-of-class study materials that they must take to the class. Moreover, there is very little information available on the course structure or the tutors on the university website. Therefore, we recommend that you contact the course administrators for more information.

The 6 Things You Must Avoid While Selecting a Prep Class:

When you are looking for a class to enroll in, make sure you avoid the ones that include the following features:

  1. Any course that has inflexible schedules or timings.

  2. The courses that are too expensive, but yet don't provide customized coaching plans and individual guidance.

  3. Any course that only includes a single test section.

  4. The ones that are not from distinguished educational institutions or that do not have experienced tutors in them.

  5. The ones that don't divulge all the course information (even on insistence) about the course details and tutors.

  6. The ones that don't provide any guarantee or second-attempt (free of cost), if you fail the test after attending that course.

We anticipate that the above-mentioned reviews and tips on selecting a class will help you make the best decision going forward. We also recommend that you talk to the course administrators to verify all the course information first-hand and thereafter, check with any former students of these courses for their valuable feedback, before you make your choice.

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