The Math Test of CBEST

3 Important Things about CBEST Math

The CBEST has three sections and Math is one of the three parts of the exam. It tests the basic Mathematic skills of the examinees for teaching credentialing purpose and has to be attempted by every person who is taking taking the CBEST.

Math Section: Question Types and Duration

The main objective of the mathematic subtest is to assess the school and elementary college level Mathematics know-how of a candidate.It contains a set of 50 questions that have four multiple-choice answers each, from which the examinee has to select one correct option. The questions that you can expect are based on Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Measurement.

Math Section: Content Areas

  • Arithmetic - Arithmetic consists of the major portion of the Math test, as 40 percent of the questions are based on it. This section tests the examinee's knowledge of ratio and proportion, averages, fractions and percentages, and comprehension of mathematical principals.

  • Geometry - Questions from elementary geometry constitute 20 percent of this part of the exam and the candidate has to be well-versed with basic geometrical topics, such as simple angles. The examinee is not tested on advanced geometry, such as, theorems, geometrical proofs, and other terms.

Forty percent of this section consists of questions from other streams of Mathematics. Though the questions do not test the test taker's computational ability, the test requires computational skills to answer the questions correctly. 

Three Tips for the CBEST Math Section

  • Prepare for the test thoroughly- You need to undertake a lot of practice tests on this subject before yoy take the actual examination. You should take the help of private tutors, if required, to strengthen your Mathematics skills or you can join good coaching classes or take the help of study guides to prepare for the exam.

  • Practice without using calculators - Calculators are not allowed in the CBEST and hence, you should practice working on the questions without using the calculator. As the questions are based on simple Mathematical concepts, you do not really need the help of a calculator to solve them. It is important that you time yourself when you are taking the sample exams, so that you will be able to train yourself to complete the actual test on time.

  • Be well-versed with the subject matter expertise required - You should familiarize yourself with the various mathematical concepts. Given below are some tips you will find to be useful in this regard:

    • You should be able to work with the concept of percentages and their conversion into factors effortlessly.
    • You should be able to arrive at the correct answer by eliminating all the wrong answers.
    • You should be well-acquainted with the language of the questions. This is because it may so happen that you are actually being asked something that you already know, but are not able to understand because of the language or the technical terminology used. Examples of such technical terms are: Integer, Whole Numbers, Positive Integer, Real Numbers, Variables, Numerator and Denominator.


The Math section of the CBEST is very important and all the candidates have to obtain a passing score in it. Adequate practice of this section is required for one to perform well in it.

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