Details About CBEST in Los Angeles

3 CBEST Prep Options in Los Angeles

The CBEST stands for California Basic Educational Skills Test which is a standardized test, held in the states of California and also in certain parts of Oregon. It is a mandatory test if you have to be a teacher in those two states. There are three skills tested in the test: Reading, Writing and Mathematics. There are many preparatory options available such as study guides, online sessions and prep courses. There are some important aspects that you need to take of such as convenience, class timings and availability of enough practice material etc. However, the three best options for preparation are highlighted and reviewed in this article.

  1. ABC Professional Tutoring

    The preparation for this test by this tutoring house is given in Los Angeles and some surrounding areas as well. Its special features are the strategy sessions, which are specifically held to help in the Mathematics section. Each session goes on for two hours. The most crucial benefit of this preparatory course is that the tutors that help you in preparation have appeared for the test themselves. They have been training students for years and are well-aware of the test format and its other important facets.

    You can undertake free phone consultation before you join the course. This can be done by calling their office at 866 950 7277. Using this information, you can discuss with an expert and then evaluate your options. You may also visit the website ( and gather more information about this prep option. For any queries, you can even send an email at:

  2. CBEST Workshop in June

    The College of Extended Studies is organizing a workshop for CBEST preparation. This workshop will be conducted from 26th to 29th of June this year. The cost of participating in this workshop is 315$. The topics covered in this workshop will include some important strategies for taking the test, effective instruction and a lot of attention towards mathematics review.

    The location of the workshop is State University Dr, Los Angeles. For more information you can visit the following website: The timings of the workshop will be from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM each day. The workshop is only for three days. It is going to really beneficial for all those who cannot devote time to a full-fledged course.

  3. College of Extended Studies and International Programs

    This is one of the best preparatory courses. The official website for the program is and it is conducted by the College of Extended Studies and International Programs. The teachers conducting this course are outstanding in their knowledge of the  subjects covered in this examination and have been preparing candidates for a long time. A lot of emphasis is placed on Mathematics in these programs and special sessions are held to improve the basic skills. A complete review of the Writing and essay section is also included in this preparatory course.

    This is one of the best prep courses available in the market. One important thing to note is that the prep course fees do not cover the test fee. However, students can repeat a workshop free of cost after having paid the fees once. To make an appointment for discussing your prep course, you can call their office at 323 343 4900.

One thing that can be concluded easily from the review above is that there are many preparatory options in L.A and its surrounding areas. These options range from prep courses like the ones mentioned above to guide books such as CliffTest Prep. You can make an educated choice on the type of course you want by going through the pros and cons of each source. The courses will be conducted according to a fixed schedule; however, in order to take them, you will have to take out some time. For all those who, for some reason, cannot attend a regular prep course, there is one more option of online tutoring which can be done at your own place by just using the internet. Some candidates may even feel confident enough to just purchase the available study guides. Hence, in the end, it is your choice to make depending on the time and resources you have to spare.