Help Options for the CBEST

The Best Study Materials to Prepare for CBEST

In order to work in the state of California, all educators are required to be certified through the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST). This decision was made by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC)with the objective to ensure that only qualified educators who possess the basic skills would teach in public schools.

It is essential that you are well prepared for this exam in order to become a certified educator and start your teaching career. Thus, you should be aware of all the preparatory  options available in the offline and online markets.

  1. CBEST Study Guides:

    Many candidates prefer self-study as their chosen preparatory method. If you are a like-minded candidate then ensure that you have good study guides to help you with your preparation. However, it is important for you to distinguish the quality of such guides beforehand. You can get information about the quality of these study guides easily online. A good quality study guide for CBEST would have complete theoretical explanations, helpful tips to solve the test and ample number of practice sessions for this test. The reviews of some popular study guides available are mentioned below:

    • Kaplan CBEST- California Basic Education Skills Test:

      Kaplan CBEST is well- known for its researched study material. Many candidates using this guide claim that the practice sessions train you for to an advanced difficulty level which ensures that you are well prepared for the CBEST test. This CBEST study guide is quite popular among candidates appearing for this test and has positive user reviews. It has received a 3 out of 5 star rating on This guide is available for purchase at

    • CliffsNotes CBEST, 7th Edition:

      The 7th Edition of CliffsNotes CBEST is a revised edition and contains complete practice tests along with well-researched theoretical explanations. This CBEST test guide has received a user rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars on This study guide can be availed at Candidates who have used this study guide state that its 7th edition has improvised the test solving strategies, which they found extremely helpful.

    • Cracking the CBEST, 2nd Edition:

      Cracking the CBEST is a well-known and reliable resource. Many candidates using this study guide have stated that the practice sessions mentioned in this guide are quite similar to the actual exam. This book has received a rating of 3 out of 5 stars on and is available at for purchase. This study guide contains many helpful instructions to solve the Reading section. Many candidates have found that this guide provides beneficial essay writing tips to solve the Writing section in comparison to other study resources.

  2. CBEST Prep Classes:

    There are certain preparation classes available to prepare for the CBEST. These classes are generally conducted by universities and provide study resources, consultation and helpful test solving strategies to their participants. However, it is important to check out the information about class fee, seat availability and convenience of location before you register with any of these classes.

    • Teacher's Test Prep: Teacher's Test Prep provides specialized and customized study resources required by candidates. They have a qualified staff and provide other options like on-line classes, private tutoring and seminars. Additionally, they have free CBEST practice tests which you can solve. All this is available at the official site of Teacher's Test Prep (

    • SFSU College of Extended Learning: The San Francisco State University-College of Extended Learning has special preparation classes headedby experienced professionals who provide all resources required by candidates. You can get more information by visiting

    • California State University: The California University (CSU) also provides preparation classes and courses to help candidates prepare for the CBEST. These courses are open to the university as well as non-university candidates. In order to get more information about CSU prep classes for CBEST, you can visit

  3. CBEST Prep Online Courses:

    If you find that in-house classes are not suitable for you, then you can opt for online courses available. There are several online courses that provide online study guides and practice tests. Moreover, there are exclusive deals for such study resources available, which are offered at special prices. The contact links of such online courses for  are mentioned below:

It should be understood that preparing for this test cannot be taken lightly as the result for this test will have a huge impact on your teaching career. Moreover, preparing for a test of huge magnitude cannot be done by merely relying on limited resources. Hence, it is essential that you access all the options available for in order to ace this test.