The Importance of CBEST

The Significance of Taking CBEST

If you desire to work as an educator in California, then you should know about the CBEST, which is an aptitude test designed specifically for California with the aim to assess the credibility of professional teachers. The California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) was developed by Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) and Pearson, in order to assess the candidate for basic skills required as an educator. The examination is also for candidates who wish to join counseling and administrative positions with institutes. However, this test is not considered as a credibility test; rather, it is a skill assessment test.

About The CBEST Pattern:

The exam involve three test sections i.e. Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. Moreover, it should be noted that this test is conducted in the English language only and the time duration given for this entire test is for around 4 hours.

The Reading Section: This section has 50 questions which are in the multiple-choice format. The Reading section is divided into two separate parts and each part of this section would involve some questions which would assess a certain skill set.

  • Critical analysis and evaluation skills-40% of the Reading Section.

  • Comprehension and research skills -60% of the Reading Section.

Thus, this section will have questions where the candidate is required to process information from questions which would be in the form of comprehensions, passages, tables or graphs.

The Mathematics Section: This section  also has 50 multiple-choice questions. Similar to the reading section, all the questions for this section are designed to assess specific competencies. It should be known that all the questions would be word problems. Moreover, through these questions, the candidate's computation and problem solving skills are tested.

  • Estimation, measurement and statistical principles-30% of the Mathematics section.

  • Computation and problem solving-35% of the Mathematics section.

  • Numerical and graphic relationships-35% of the Mathematics section.

The Writing Section: This section is designed to assess the candidates written skills. It should be known that one topic would be given based on a situation and the other topic would involve writing from a personal experience. In both the cases, the candidate is required to communicate his or her ideas effectively.

However, you can visit and gain more insight on the test sections.

The CBEST Test Passing Criteria:

The results are given on a scale from 20-80 in each test section. A candidate is required to score at least 41 on each test section in order to pass. Thus, a candidate is required to score a minimum of 123 in order to pass the CBEST and you need to know that you are required to pass each test section separately.

You would be given a skills performance report for each section. A score on the scale of 61-80 is considered to be as an exceptional performance. However, even though the written section is scored on the scale of 20-80; a separate performance score from 1-4 is awarded to the candidate to map the level of his or her written skills and a score of 4 is considered to be an exceptional performance for this section.

You can retake the test if you have not passed in any one or more test sections. Additionally, there is a provision where you are free to choose if you want to appear for the particular section you've failed in or retake the entire exam. However, regardless of how many times to take the exam, the highest test score for each section will be considered and this is a unique feature of this test.

Moreover, you can view your results online for 45 days after taking this test. It is suggested that you visit and gain more information about the scoring pattern of this test.In order to prepare for the examination, you can get a study guide which is available easily online or you could get the study material from a library. You can also visit to avail the official practice test.

This is a highly competitive examination and to ace this test, you will need to study for it effectively so that you can score high in all the sections.