Details About the Exam Dates for CBEST

When to Take CBEST

The CBEST is a basic-skills assessment test for educators in California, the results of which are used in providing credentials and placements to the candidates. Before registering for the exam, there are several things to consider regarding the exam schedule that the candidates must make a note of. Subsequently, the candidates must follow these recommendations to choose a date that suit them the most.

The 5 Key Considerations While Selecting CBEST Exam Dates:

  1. The CBEST Exam Schedule

    The  schedule of the test is published on the official website and provides the latest information on the available for the current academic year. It must be noted that there are differences in the schedule of the tests, based on the formats as listed below:

    • The PBT tests are generally offered on particular dates in the months of September, November, January, March, May and July of every year. To take a look at a latest list of the PBT exam dates, you must view the schedule published on this link -

    • The CAT tests are offered continually every working day of the year, including Saturdays, with the exception of a few holidays. However, these exam dates are available for registration on a first-come and first-serve manner purely based on the availability of seats.

  2. The Registration Deadlines

    Another important consideration while selecting a testing date is the registration deadline. Again, there are differences in the registration deadlines for PBT and CAT tests, which are summarized as follows:

    • Each PBT test date is associated with the following registration deadlines:

      • Early Registration Deadline: This is the earliest date by which you could schedule for the exam without paying any additional fees (apart from a nominal registration fee). The candidates who register on or before this date have better chances of receiving the test dates or centers of their choice.

      • Late Registration Deadline: This is the last date by which you could schedule for a particular PBT test date, provided you pay an additional late registration fee.

      • Emergency Registration Deadline: In case of emergencies or special cases, you may be allowed to schedule for the PBT test after the late registration deadline and before this date. However, an emergency registration fee which is higher than the late fee must be paid.

      • To view the latest list of the PBT registration deadlines, you could view this link -

    • The CAT tests do not have any registration deadlines associated with them because they are offered on a continual basis. Hence, it is possible to register for a CAT test at any date and time provided there are sufficient seats available on a particular test date and center. To review the seat availability in the different CAT test centers, you could visit this link -

  3. Other Deadlines

    The candidates must also check with their employment or credentialing ("Commission on Teacher Credentialing") agencies for any application deadlines that may be applicable to them. The main reason for determining these deadlines ahead of time is to allow for careful planning of the testing date in accordance with those deadlines.

  4. Personal Considerations

    Besides the above-mentioned considerations, the candidates must appraise their personal preferences, some of which are listed as follows:

    • The candidates must estimate the amount of time they need for the CBEST test preparation. This estimate will determine the date after which the candidates are fully ready to take the test with confidence. Some pointers for determining this estimate include reviewing the CBEST test structure and format, taking a few practice tests and gathering the required prep materials.

    • There may be other personal constraints (such as a closest test center, other work or school commitments) that the candidates must review while choosing a test date that is most convenient to them.

Selecting the Right Testing Date:

After reviewing the above-mentioned considerations, we recommend that the candidates come up with a list of 2-3 most convenient dates. Thereafter, when the candidates register for the test, they may indicate their choice. The PBT test candidates can register using either the phone or online registration method. On the other hand, the CAT test candidates could register using the online registration facility. However, while registering for the test via any one of these methods, the candidates must indicate their choice of exam dates and centers.

We hope this article has provided a lucid picture of all the considerations that the candidates must review before selecting the dates that are most convenient to them.