Classes to be Taken for CBEST

Sources for Information about CBEST Classes

The state of California has made it mandatory for all educators to be certified by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) through the CBEST. This was done to ensure that every educator is qualified with the basic competencies required for the public schools in California.

Even though there are many study aids available for test preparation, it is important for you to select the right preparation material. However, if you feel that merely preparing through study guides is not enough, then it is suggested that you get in touch with local universities and join a local coaching class.

It should be known that through these kinds of classes, you can have access to  specialized study resources important for the exam. Apart from this, there are many other benefits of joining this kind of program.

Benefits of Joining a CBEST Class:

  • Professional Advice: Through a classroom program, you can interact with professional tutors who provide consultation for any problem areas during your test preparation.Moreover, they would guide you with helpful tips which would make your test preparation more effective.

  • Mock Test Sessions: The program generally has a well-defined course structure which would include mock tests . Through these practice tests, you can familiarize yourself with the testing pattern. Moreover, you would be able to identify your weak study areas and prepare for the exam accordingly.

  • Test Solving Techniques: For any competency mapping test, such as this exam, it is important to understand the rationales for every solution. You would be tutored on test solving methods through helpful strategies and techniques. 

  • Focused Test Preparation: Another benefit of joining such a course is that you will be able to concentrate on preparing for the examination effectively. You would be given assignments and numerous projects that would enable you to give your undivided attention to the test preparation.

  • Performance Analysis: It is important for you to measure your improvement level. This is difficult to do on your own; however, through this kind of course you will be able to obtain a personalized performance analysis in order to measure the progress.

It should be noted that joining this kind of program would keep you motivated and inform you about how well-prepared you are for this test. You can easily get information about such classes online.

Information on Some CBEST Classes:

  1. Teacher's Test Prep: The Teacher's Test Prep provides specialized products for CBEST preparation. Their courses include customized study resources for every test section of the exam. Apart from this, they provide private tutoring, seminars etc. . If you are unable to join a class, then you can also prepare through the online courses that they offer. You can visit and select the sessions suitable for you.

  2. SFSU College of Extended Learning: This College has experienced professionals who provide well-researched study resources exclusively for this examination. They offer classroom sessions, seminars and practice sessions so that candidates can acquaint themselves with the test pattern. For more information, you can visit this link: .

  3. California State University: The California University (CSU) provides classes for the preparation of many tests like CBEST, CSET, GMAT and GRE. These courses are offered to both, university and non-university candidates. In order to join a program conducted by CSU, you can visit this link for more information:

Even though the investing in this kind of classroom program costs much more in comparison to other prep tools, the ultimate result that you obtain will be worth the money spent. It is important to understand that once you are certified as an educator, you become eligible to apply for good job opportunities and your teaching career would benefit a lot. Hence, you should make use of every preparation aid available in order to ace the CBEST.