Details About Taking the CBEST in California

5 Important Aspects of Taking the CBEST in California

The CBEST refers to the California Basic Educational Skills Test, which was created and developed by the California Legislation and Commission on Teacher Credentialing. It is taken by potential teachers in California so that they will be eligible to teach in schools, especially in the Mathematics and Science streams. This is a basic test of teaching skills. However, those who want to take up subject-wise credentialing should opt for another test called the CSET, which is of a higher level.

CBEST Format, Question Types, Sections and Duration

This examination consists of 3 sections (Reading Skills, Writing Skills andMathematical Skills), which test the examinee’s basic aptitude in these subjects. The Reading Skills and the Mathematics Skills tests are based on the objective-pattern of questioning, with each of these sections consisting of 50 questions each that needs to be answered correctly. The questions are in the form of multiple-choice items, with each question having five answer choices. The Writing Skills section consists 2 written assignments where you will be required to write essays. The total duration of the CBEST California is 4 hours. However, the individual sections are not timed separately.

5 Important Aspects of Taking the CBEST

This test can be taken in California or in other states and the five aspects of taking this examination are as the following:

  1. Providing test centre information at the time of registration - For taking the CBEST California, you have to follow certain steps:

  2. Fast results reception -  Once you have taken this exam, your results will have to be sent to the local schools and test centres in California. The transportation of copies of test results to you and all the others concerned, is expected to take a less time than sending the results to candidates outside California.

  3. Faster evaluation of your performance - You can expect your results to be processed faster than those residing outside California, if you are a local candidate becauses the checking of the examination papers is carried out first for in the local centres.

  4. Getting in touch with the examination authorities - Since you are a test taker, your communication with the examination authorities, in case of any issues, before, after or while taking the test, can be resolved faster. Being a local examinee, you can keep in touch with the examination authorities more than if you were a non-local test taker, as you can personally visit their offices to sort out issues, if required. However, if you are a non-local examinee, you can get in touch with the officials only through the electronic media, which may not ensure foolproof and fast action taken against your issues.

  5. Earliest approach to colleges - if you take the CBEST in California, you will be in a better position to approach the schools in the state for employment because you can apply for the job as soon as the results are declared.


The CBEST is taken by those who want to take up teaching as a career in California. This test can be taken in or outside California, though there are certain advantages in taking the test in the state.

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