Books to Help Prepare for CBEST

How to Study for CBEST from a Book?

The books published on CBEST are specially designed to aid a candidate prepare for the examination in the most effective manner by following a good study plan and in taking the right approach towards answering the questions of this examination. However, not all of them are effective in presenting the resources required for passing the test with good scores. Hence, one should be able to determine what to look for in the guides so that they can buy one that will help them prepare for the examination effectively. Furthermore, it is also important to know how to make good use of the book that has been purchased.

Review of Popular Guides for the CBEST

  1. Official CBT Material for Computer-Based Test ( - The official website of CBEST  ( contains hyperlinks to the practice tests and computer based tutorials. These sample exams give the test taker an idea of the type and the standard of questions that will be asked and the tutorial introduces the testing interface to the user.

  2. Princeton Review Cracking the CBEST - This is one of the best guides on CBEST that you will find in the market and it has gained popularity among the test takers. Unlike other books, it does not only to help you pass the exam but focuses helping the examinee score high. Candidiates are trained to identify tricky questions and how to eliminate the choices that are not correct. It coaches the test takers well in Critical Analysis and Evaluation and the Mathematics sections.

  3. Barron's Educational Series How to Prepare for the CBEST (California Basic Educational Skills Test) - This study guide contains three practice tests and relevant information to hone up the skills required for answering the different sections. It specially takes care of the English language needs of those whose  primary language is not English. Apart from these features, the book also comes with excellent strategies for taking this examination.

  4. Kaplan CBEST - This is one of the best guides that one can find in the market as it comes with the excellent review of the exam, study strategies and practice questions. There are three full- length practice tests included here.

How to Prepare by Using the Guide?

Merely buing a bookg or guide for this examination is not enough because you also need to know how to use them properly in order to derive the maximum benefit. Given below are some steps you could follow to prepare for the test effectively with such a prep book:

  • Take a diagnostic test - One of the first actions that you should take to make your preparation fruitful is to take a diagnostic test to assess the content areas of CBEST for the purpose of determine the areas that you are strong and weak in. After knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you can devote more time to improve your weaknesses.

  • Study the guide in a methodical manner - You should read the book in a methodical manner and follow the instructions given there. You should follow the instructions as they are, especially in the case of timed tests, as they aim to expose you to the actual test environment so that you will know what to expect on the final day of the examination.

  • Do not skip any section of the book - You should not leave out any sections of your study guide even though it is unclear or appears to be tougher. At the same time, clarify your concepts and attempt tough questions, as in that case you will be able to answer the CBEST questions effortlessly.


The guides are meant to assist you in your CBEST preparation significantly, provided you have purchased the right prep book and are using it gain maximum advantage. However, one should bear in mind that there is no single book that can satisfy the requirements of all the test takers as the needs of the individual candidates are different. Some may want guidance in languages, while others may want more help on the Mathematics section.

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