Details About CBEST

All about the CBEST in California

The CBEST  is an assessment test for educators in California and is a requirement for credentialing and employment of teachers in that state. In this examination, fundamental skills of the candidates in Math, Reading and Writing are evaluated to determine if they have the basic knowledge necessary to teach in schools or not. In this article, we will brief you about the important features of this test.

The Chief Aspects of the CBEST Test:

All you need to know about the CBEST is listed below:

  1. The Sections of the Test

    It consists of 3 main sections - Math, Reading and Writing. The key aspects of each test section are described as follows:

    The Math Test:

    The following knowledge areas are assessed in this test:

    • Basic mathematical entities, operations and relationships.
    • Basic algebra and solving algebraic equations.
    • Alternative problem solving and work-estimation techniques.
    • Data representation methods such as graphs, charts and other formats etc.

    The Reading Test:

    The following skills are assessed in this section of the exam:

    • Understanding prose passages and graphs, including tables and charts.
    • The skills involved in the analysis and evaluation of the information provided in the graphs and the passages.
    • The ability to research the given materials and thereafter, to answer the test questions correctly.

    The Writing Test:

    The following skills are assessed in the Writing test:

    • The ability to present a rational and consistent argument or essay in written form.
    • The ability to demonstrate a coherent progression of ideas.
    • The ability to write in grammatically and syntactically correct American English and follow all the conventions of the written English language.

    The following skills are not assessed in this test:

    • The demonstration of specialized knowledge in the subjects of the essay topics.
    • The ability to provide facts or information outside of what is provided in the essay topics.
  2. The Format & Duration of the Test

    The CBEST is administered in two formats: Paper-based (PBT) and Computer-based (CBT) formats. The 3 sections of the test - Math, Reading and Writing may appear in any order and the test must be completed within 4 hours. The breakup of the time-limits for each section is listed as follows:

    Math and Reading Tests: 3 hours put-together
    Writing test: 1 hour (30 minutes for each essay)
  3. The Types of Test Questions

    Below is a description of the types of questions that will appear in each test section:

    • The examination contains both scored and unscored questions.
    • The unscored questions form a small percentage of the total number of questions. They are included to experiment on new question types for future test formats.

    The Writing Test:

    Two essay topics are provided in this section-

    • One of these topics is a situation or argument, with two sides to it. The candidates must examine the given situation, select a point of view and reason it out.
    • The second topic is connected to a personal escapade or experience, based on which the candidates must write an essay.

    The Reading Test:

    • A set of reading passages, graphs and tables are provided in this test.
    • 50 multiple-choice questions will be asked and they are based on the above-mentioned reading materials
    • The breakdown of the questions among the skill-areas is listed as follows:
    - Analysis & Evaluation - 20 questions 
    - Comprehension and Research - 30 questions

    The Math Test:

    • There are 50 multiple-choice questions here.
    • The breakdown of the questions among the skill-areas are as follows:

      • Measurements, statistics & estimations - 15 questions
      • Problem solving - 17-18 questions
      • Graphical & numerical relationships - 18-17 questions
  4. Test Scoring Criteria

    The following methodology is used to evaluate the examination:

    • The individual test sections are scored in the range of 20-80 and their scaled scores are summed up to calculate the total score.

    • The Math and Reading tests are scored electronically because they consist of multiple-choice questions only.

    • Each essay is scored separately by a team of experts. Thereafter, these scores are summed up to determine the final scaled score.

    • The minimum passing score for each test section is 41.

    • The passing score is 123.

    • In the event that a candidate gets a score of 37 in one or two test sections, the candidate may still pass the test if he or she manages a total score of 123.

We would like to conclude this article by hoping that all the readers now have a clear picture of this test for getting teaching licensure California. Though this test may seem very basic to start with, you will now appreciate that there are several crucial aspects and rules of the test that you must understand to ensure a successful experience with it.