Details About CBEST in California

Importance of Taking CBEST in California

The CBEST is a mandatory test that all teaching aspirants in the state of California and Oregon have to take. This test evaluates aspirants for their knowledge in the areas of Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Its purpose is to evaluate the individuals and let them gain some credentials for a teaching career. The test can be given in either of the two formats: paper-based or computer-based. The registration fee is different for both the formats. While the dates for the paper-based are fixed for a year, the dates for a computer-based test are not fixed and the test is administered on the basis of appointment. The information regarding the test can be found on this link:

The test is designed with the purpose of evaluating candidates for their basic proficiency in the three subject areas listed above. The maximum time given is four hours. However, the candidates can take the test for a particular section also. Additionally, a candidate can target one section in one particular test administration. The registration process to appear for CBEST in California can be done at the official website. The fee is 41$ for the paper-based administration and 105$ for the computer-based administration.

Why is the California CBEST So Important?

The test  is essential for the following groups of candidates:

  1. Aspirants who are applying for a teaching service or a service credential in the state of California for the first time.

  2. Aspirants who have not been teaching for the previous 39 months before taking up the teaching job.

  3. Aspirants who have applied to enroll into a program for service-credential or for teacher-preparation. Additionally, any such program must be approved by the CCTC.

Why are the CBEST Scores Important?

The scores in each section range from 20 to a maximum of 80. A candidate must not score below 41 individually and not less than 123 overall. However, if a candidate is scoring a high score, then the minimum requirement can be lowered to 37 in a section.

Preparation  is very important in one regard: Once you have achieved the minimum score in one section, you do not have to give the CBEST for that particular section again. Hence, it is very important to prepare well.

Importance of California CBEST

Importance for the Candidates

The CBEST exam is very important for the candidates since, as mentioned above, once a candidate achieves the minimum score in any section, he or she does not have to give the CBEST for that particular section again. However, the best situation would be when the candidate achieves the minimum score in each of the three sections. In such a case, he or she does not have to register for the test again and again.

Importance for Educational Institutions

The assessment is very important for educational institutions also. It helps to select those candidates who are appropriate for the teaching profession according to the CTC. Performance in each section of the test elaborates skills in different but essential areas of the CBEST. Any teacher needs to be proficient in each of these areas. Hence, if any candidate fails to achieve the minimum score in any of the three sections, it would mean that he or she is not proficient in that particular skill area.

In the end, it can be concluded that the examination is important because it does not test the specific teaching abilities of the test takers. It only tests the basic skills in sections of Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Although the aspirants will get an individual score for each of the three sections of the CBEST test, there is a minimum requirement of the minimum score that the candidate needs to meet. This is important to meet the basic needs of the California Education Code. Hence, it is very important for any candidate to meet these requirements to be employed as an educator or a teacher in the states of California or even in Oregon.

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