Details About CAHSEE In California

All about CAHSEE in California

CAHSEE is a mandatory test for all public high school students in the state of California. This is an article that describes three important aspects of taking the California CAHSEE test - when to take the CAHSEE test, where to take it, and whom to approach for prep help.

Where to Take the California High School Exit Examination?

The California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) is a test administered by the California Department of Education (CDE) to all public high school students in the state. The test is conducted in all the public high schools of the state according to a pre-decided schedule. The administration of the examination is done on the basis of education/school districts in the state.

In effect, a student may not choose his/her test center because it is administered by his/her public school to all students enrolled starting from grade ten. However, if a student has already passed the test, he/she is not allowed to take the test again.

When to Take CAHSEE?

The CAHSEE test dates are always published in advance. Grade nine students of CA public schools and their parents are informed of the next year’s testing schedule, so that they get ample to time prepare for the test. Listed below are important pointers to taking the est:

  • There are several administrations of the test during every academic year.
  • Tenth grade students (unless exempted lawfully) in California public schools take the exam during the census administration of the test, in February or March every academic year.
  • Students who could not appear for the test during the census administration may take the test again in March or May. Grade ten students are not permitted to take the exit examination during any of the other administrations.
  • Grade eleven students can take the test up to two times per school year. It must be noted that all students may reappear for only those parts that they have not passed yet.
  • Grade twelve students get a minimum of three and a maximum of five chances to take up the test, each academic year.
  • For all students who need to repeat parts or whole of the test, the trend is to provide ample time between each testing administration; so that the score reports are made available well ahead of the second test and the students get time to work on the required aspects.
  • In addition to high school students, adults may take up the test during any of the administrations of the test throughout the schedule, provided they meet other criteria for testing.

Given below is the test schedule for the academic year 2012-2013. You may note that each single test is conducted over two days, day one for ELA part and day two for the Mathematics part. While the test parts are conducted on consecutive days for weekday administrations, there is a gap of seven days between both the parts, for the Saturday administrations:

California CAHSEE Test Schedule for 2012-2013
ELA Part Mathematics Part
7/24/2012 07/25/2012
10/02/2012 10/03/ 2012
11/06/2012 11/07/2012
12/08/2012 (Saturday) 12/15/2012 (Saturday)
02/05/2013 O2/06/2013
03/12/2013 03/13/2013
05/14/2013 05/15/2013

Prep Help for California CAHSEE

Though many may opine that the test content being based on the high school syllabus, it does not require any additional effort or preparation for taking the CAHSEE test; it is always better to focus on the test and prepare according to the testing requirements. Here is the list of some of the popular prep classes/tutor programs in the state that will help you to suceed. Also included is a list of tutor finding websites that can be of help:

Prep Programs in CA for CAHSEE

Tutor Resource Links

There are plenty of online prep programs and free resources for CAHSEE preparation these days. Also, one may find out that most local community colleges provide free prep programs or tutoring facilities in order to prepare for the test. In short, it can be said that while gearing up for the test, any or all of these resources could be utilized to cater to the test taking and preparation needs of the individual student. What matters at the end of the day is that students are able to clear the test parts with good scores and are able to get their coveted diplomas.

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