Useful Information About CAHSEE

7 Important Points about CAHSEE

Basic knowledge of Mathematics and English is essential if you want to pursue a college career, irrespective of the field you want to major in. However, it had been observed that many students residing in the state of California passed out of high school, without adequate knowledge in either Mathematics or English. That is when the California Department of Education (CDE), in collaboration with the Educational Testing Service (ETS), introduced the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE).

If you are a resident of California and have to take the CAHSEE in near future, you must know all about it. The following section of this article will help you understand some essential characteristics of the test.

Some Points about the CAHSEE

The test ensures that students who have passed out of high school have the required level of expertise in Mathematics and English. You have to take the CAHSEE even if you have received your high school diploma or any other form of graduation certification. Without the required passing scores, you will not get admission in colleges. The following list will help you understand the examination better:

  1. Why take the test? This question will be foremost in your mind if you have to appear for CAHSEE, especially if you have already received your graduation certificate. This test ensures that you are at par with students who have passed high school from other states of USA. This will provide you with an equal footing with them, when you apply to various colleges.

  2. What does the test contain? The test primarily comprises of 2 parts. The first section is called English-Language-Arts (ELA) and the second part comprises questions on Mathematics. Since knowledge of these two subjects is indispensable to pursuing a career in college, the CDE has designed a question paper that will evaluate your knowledge of only these two subjects.

  3. What is the nature of the test? The CAHSEE is a computer-based examination and hence, all you will need to do is choose the correct answer. Other than the multiple-choice questions,it also consists of an essay that you will have to write, based on the given prompt.

  4. What do I need to study for CAHSEE? Since the CAHSEE is a high school leaving examination, the questions you will have to solve in the test will cover topics that were a part of your entire school curriculum. In other words, in order to prepare for the test, you will need to revise all that you have studied in school, especially in the 9th and 10th grades.

  5. When can I take the CHASEE? The first time you can take the CAHSEE is in your 10th grade. Students prefer to take the test in their sophomore year, because the syllabus is similar to those that they will be studying in the 10th grade.

  6. How many times can I take the CAHSEE? The CDE allows students to take the test a number of times. Students take it for the first time in 10th grade. After that you will get 2 opportunities to take the test in 11th grade. Finally, you will get 5 chances to take the test in the 12th grade.

  7. How much time will I get to solve the CAHSEE? The unique feature of this test is that it is not a timed examination. You can take as much as 2 days to solve the question paper. The CDE has not introduced any time constraints to ensure that students can take the test without stress and maximum number of candidates can pass the test.

The above-mentioned list explains some important features of the test. If you need more information about the test then click on the following link:

The following section of this article will help you understand the exact nature of the examination. So let us learn more about it.

Some More Things You Need to Know about CAHSEE

The most important things to know about any examination are the question paper format and the scoring system. These and some more are listed below:

  • Question paper format: The CAHSEE comprises of 2 parts. The first part is English-Language-Arts (ELA) test which consists of 80 multiple-choice questions. Along with these questions, you will have to write 1 or 2 essays depending upon the question paper and the number of prompts given. The Mathematics section comprises 90 multiple-choice questions.

  • Topics covered: Your school level knowledge of Mathematics and English will be examined in this test. For example, for Mathematics you will have to know basics and concepts of Algebra and Arithmetic very well. You will also come across questions on Geometry, but these will only be topics that you have studied in 6th or 7th grades.

  • Scoring system: The CAHSEE provides a pass or fail certificate and hence, there are basic marks that you must achieve in both ELA and Mathematics, in order to pass the examination. It has been found that in order to pass you must achieve 55% in Mathematics and 60% in English. If you need more details about the scoring system then click on the following link:

The above-mentioned list will help you understand the nuances of the test, which in turn will prove to be vital when you prepare for the examination. As you study the important features of the CAHSEE and its overall description, you will acquire more knowledge about the examination.