Options for CAHSEE Test Preparation

3 Available Options for CAHSEE Prep

The California High School Exit Examination or CAHSEE is conducted for those students who are studying in the public schools of California in order to earn a High School Diploma. Although, it is compulsory for all the students of California to take CAHSEE, those students with disability having an Independent Education Plan or Section 504 Plan are exempted from taking this test. The basic intent of administering this test is summed up in the following points:

  • To assess the grade-level expertise of the candidates in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.
  • To enhance the rate of achievement of high school students.

The CAHSEE test is divided into two categories:

  • English Language Arts or ELA
  • Mathematics

As far as reading for the exam is concerned, the students of Californian public schools must gear up for the exam in advance so that they are left with adequate time for practice and revision. However, the most important decision is regarding the selection of the modes of instruction as the comfort level of each student is different while competing with other students in this test. For instance, some students prefer books; on the other hand, those students, who want to study at their own pace, are more interested about the online prep methods. Therefore, the students must have the freedom to choose their modes of preparation although the quality and authenticity of the study materials must also be taken into account.

What are some of the popular options of preparing for CAHSEE? Let us analyze them in the following points:

While the points stated above highlight three of the most popular options that are generally used by the students for guidance, they should try to focus on the following points during the preparation of this test:

  • The applicants of this test should analyze their skills and abilities regarding the topics or the contents of this test and familiarize themselves thoroughly with the sections of the test. This is an important aspect of organizing yourself.

  • The standard of CAHSEE test corresponds with the academic contents of the State Board of Education in California. Therefore, the test takers should gear them up for the preparations according to the same.

  • Taking practice tests regularly allow the students to acquaint themselves the actual test day conditions and instills confidence in them for the final exam.

  • The test applicants should pay more attention to the areas of their weakness. At the same time, they should not ignore the areas of their strength or sharpen their skills further on those topics.

  • Ideally, the students should try to combine different elements of the resources available such as books and online practice tests for better performance in this exam.

  • The level of competition in CASHEE is likely to be high as it is a test that is to be taken by every student of California compulsorily. Therefore, the preparation should pertain to the required levels for achieving the desired targets on this test.

The test takers have to answer about 60 percent of the questions correctly in CAHSEE English section or attain 350 as scaled scores. Similarly, in CAHSEE Math section, 55 percent of the questions have to be answered correctly or the students have to attain a scaled score of 350.

There are various modes available to the students for learning effectively and making a suitable choice remains a challenging option. The credibility of the test prep materials must be judged carefully so that the candidates of this test are able to get the right direction regarding the test and concentrate on their preparation satisfactorily.