Study Guide for CAHSEE

Sources of Study Guides for the CAHSEE

For students studying in California, to obtain their high school diploma, they need to pass another test called the CAHSEE or the California High School Exit Examination. In this exam, two subject areas namely, English - Language Arts and Mathematics are tested.

Study Guides

While a person is preparing for the test, books prove to be a very good source of information and help in the preparation process. By using a study guide one can achieve the following:

  • Understand the format of the test- For a complete test preparation, understanding the format of the test is essential. A study book would contain the details of the test such as the syllabus to be studied, the number of questions, question types etcetera.

  • Study for the test- Study materials that cover the complete syllabus of the test would be discussed and methods to learn them would also be given.

  • Get adequate practice- There would be many practice questions and practice tests which offer the required practice for the test. With this practice, one can do well in the test.

  • Learn exam strategies- Simple yet effective test strategies and tips would be available and this would prove to be very useful while attempting the real test.

Sources of Study Guides

There are primarily two sources for purchasing a study guide and these are:

  1. Online stores- Most study guides are available in online stores like the or Barnes & Noble stores. The major advantage of buying a book online is that, it will be delivered at your door step. You can go to their website and place an order for the book you have chosen. The websites are:

  2. Conventional book stores- You can also visit a conventional book store for purchasing a study guide. The major advantage if you purchase from such a store is that you can flip through the book before buying it.

Review of A Few Study Guides

Here, a few of the good study guides are reviewed:

  1. CAHSEE MATHEMATICS STUDY GUIDE - Simplified Solutions for Math Inc

    This study guide is one of the best for the Math section. The highlight of the book is that simple language is used and even difficult concepts are taught in an easy manner. All the sub-topics of the test are covered here. There are many practice questions which are similar to the real CAHSEE test questions and these help you in understanding the various math concepts. Also, three full-length practice tests are included in it. The price of the book is $ 19.96.

  2. Kaplan CAHSEE Mathematics: California High School Exit Exam - Kaplan

    This book explains about the test and the topics covered in it. There are two practice tests that are similar to the real CAHSEE test. Quizzes are present at the end of each topic and answers to the various questions in the book are provided. Strategies that would help you in taking up the test with confidence are available in this book. This is one of the best books available in the market and is priced at $9.82.

  3. Barron's CAHSEE-English Language Arts: California High School Exit Exam - Christina Lacie

    This book has been updated to suit the recent test format. All the chapters have quizzes at the end to assess the vocabulary development. All the areas covered in the ELA are reviewed here. The major advantage of using this book is that there are four full-length practice tests with answers and scoring guide. Also present in this guide is a diagnostic exam to assess a student’s strengths and weaknesses. Answers with explanations are provided for all the questions in the book.

To Conclude...

A meticulous and systematic preparation is required to pass the CAHSEE test. A study guide helps you in achieving the same. You can read the review and buy a book that satisfies your needs and requirements.