The Scoring System of CAHSEE

How is CAHSEE Scored?

To obtain a high school diploma in the state of California, all students have to pass a test and that is the CAHSEE or the California High School Exit Examination, a test administered by the ETS. English-Language Arts and Mathematics are the two subject areas that are tested in it. The syllabus for the English-Language Arts section of the test is grade 10 English and for Math it is grade 6 and 7 and Algebra I.

General Points

  • The CAHSEE is a pass or fail test, which signifies that there is a minimum passing score and it is based on a pre-determined criteria.
  • The scoring is equated to bring equality among the different editions of the test and scaled scores are released.
  • The scoring is in the range of 275 to 450 and the passing score is 350.
  • Two score reports are made available to the school districts. One is the parent or guardian copy and is mailed to them and the other is placed in the student's permanent record.
  • An individual's score report is confidential.
  • It is important that the parent or guardian keeps the report because the California Department of Education does not maintain individual copies.
  • Apart from individual reports, group results for each school, district and county are released and these are made public.

Scoring of the English-Language Arts Section

The scores are based on your performance in the multiple-choice questions and the writing task. 80% of your scores are from the multiple-choice questions and the essay score accounts for the remaining 20%.

Essay Scores

Two readers score the essay and it is scored on a 1 to 4 point scale. The average of the scores given by the two readers is the final essay score. An 'NS' is awarded to the essay if it falls under any of the following categories:

  • Given topic is not addressed.
  • The essay is too short to convey any meaning.
  • The writing is illegible.
  • The essay is written in a language other than English.

Scoring of the Math Section

The scores in the Math section are based on the number of multiple-choice questions you have answered right.

CAHSEE Score Report

The left side of the report contains the following details:

  • The test taker's general information.
  • The performance of the student in the most recent CAHSEE test reported as a scaled score.
  • The minimum score required to pass the test.
  • A 'status' column denoting if the student has passed the CAHSEE test or not.

The right side of the report contains the following information

  • The total number of questions in each strand and the number of questions you have answered with the right option.
  • The student's score in the Writing task.

Importance of the CAHSEE Scores

The CAHSEE test was introduced to increase a student's achievement in high school and this test ensures that students pass high school with grade-level skills in reading, writing and math that are essential for them. The test scores help the school to identify those students who require additional tutoring since they do not possess the skills that are expected from high school students. The extra tutoring and training help the students to improve their skills and make them competent enough for their future endeavors.

A Few Points to Remember…

  • The CAHSEE test should not be considered as a bane by students.
  • If students fail to pass the test in the 10the grade, opportunities are given up to 5 times in grade 11 and 12.
  • The test scores help in identifying the students who have not passed the test in the many opportunities given to them.
  • The school counselors arrange for extra coaching to these students to help them pass the test and attain the high school diploma.
  • With a good preparation, the CAHSEE test can be aced easily.

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