All About the CAHSEE Scores

3 Things About CAHSEE Scores

According to the prevailing rules and norms of the California public education system, passing the CAHSEE test is an essential step towards getting a high school diploma. When getting ready to take this test, it is essential that all important aspects are looked into and taken care of. In the course of this write-up you may learn more about the test score and its significance, including the scoring scales, and the scoring and the reporting processes.

An Overview of the Scoring in CAHSEE

A mandatory step towards getting a high school diploma, CAHSEE not only helps ensure that students go out with grade-appropriate abilities and academic knowledge, but also helps improve student achievement in the public education system. Accordingly, the test content is developed based on the state content standards through grade 10, and the scoring and reporting processes are standardized to add to the objectivity of the whole concept.

The two parts of the test are scored separately, but brought onto similar scoring scales. The individual scores are converted into the scoring scale; and a total score is also calculated to measure the overall performance. While the ELA or the English-Language Arts part of the test requires students to get a minimum of 60% questions correct to pass the tests, the Mathematics part of the test requires only a minimum of 55% of correct answers to be declared passed.

The score reports are usually out after two months of taking the test. Schools receive these reports directly from the state department, and a copy is also mailed to the individual student's home address.

You may get more information about the test and score online at the official test website ( and at

The Three Important Points about Scoring in the CAHSEE

Listed below are three important pointers about the test score that you must remember when you plan for and take the test. These facts are significant as these help you better understand the test and see the right direction for test preparation:

  1. The scoring process: CAHSEE is a test developed to assess the students' abilities and skills with respect to set content standards. The CAHSEE scoring process is also designed to evaluate the answers befitting the stated objectives and maintain the objectivity of the testing process. Interestingly, there is no negative scoring involved in the CAHSEE evaluation process, which also means that candidates may make informed guesses that might increase the chances of a higher score. Also, depending on the type of question, the scoring differs; for example, an essay is scored on a scale from 1 to 4, where one is the lowest possible score; an 'NS' is marked if an answer is off-topic, or written in any other language than English.

    Both the test parts are scored separately and then the individual raw scores are converted into the scoring scale of 275-450. Within each part, each individual content area is also scored and reported separately in the score card

    A test scoring guideline is available for free access at:

  2. The scaled scores: The total score is a scaled score in the scale of 275-450, and a minimum scaled score of 350 is required to be declared passed in the test. Students need to pass each part individually also to be announced 'passed.' The scaled score is necessitated by the fact that each test form may contain different questions of minutely varying degrees of difficulty levels. The scaled scores account for this minute difference and equalize the variations.

  3. The reporting process: The score report consists of two parts - the overall summary and the specific content area scores. As you may take the test or part of the test more than once during your high school years, each score report includes information pertaining to the part of test that you have taken currently. The strands section of the score report includes scores for individual content areas that you have taken. This includes the total number of questions in the area, and the number of questions you have answered correctly.

The Importance of the CAHSEE Test Scores

As per the existing rules of the California Department of Education, a student who has passed the high school in all the respects may still not get his/her diploma until he/she passes the CAHSEE test. In other words, this score is an important aspect in your academic life.

  • For academic purposes, both individual and overall scores, form an important part of your high school diploma credit and are an indicator of your academic abilities and skills.

  • For an individual passing out of the high school, this test and the test scores can provide the necessary confidence to pursue whatever field he/she is interested in, as it clearly paints an objective picture of their abilities and strengths and paves way for choosing the right path ahead.

To sum up, the scores are important aspects of your high school education in California and cannot be overlooked. Therefore, it is advised that you take the test seriously, focus on preparing for it and giving your best!