The Results of CAHSEE

How to Get Your CAHSEE Results?

The California High School Exit Examination or CAHSEE is an exam that is administered for the students of high school in California in order to get the scores required for obtaining the High School Diploma. The objective of this test is to allow the students to perform well or enhance their rate of achievement for getting this Diploma and also to measure their basic skills of Reading, Writing and Math.

The results or two copies of student and parent reports are delivered to the school eight weeks after the test. The school, in-turn, keeps a copy in the file of the student record and the other copy is handed over to the parents or students to view the status of their scores. This is a very important procedure that takes place compulsorily every time after a CAHSEE administration. As a matter of fact, the individual score report that is delivered to them must be preserved by the students and their parents because it is not disclosed to any other source and therefore, considered most confidential.

As a rule, the students taking CAHSEE test have to attempt two sections in this exam:

  • English - Language Arts or ELA: In this section, there are 73 multiple-choice questions in different sub areas and the test takers are required to answer 60 percent of the questions correctly or obtain a scale score of 350 in order to pass this test.
  • Mathematics: In the Math section of CAHSEE, the candidates have to answer 80 questions that are based on several topics and 55 percent of the questions must be answered correctly. However, attaining a scale score of 350 is essential to pass this section or declare their eligibility in this test.

What do the results contain? Lets us find out from the following points:

  • The scores of ELA or English language Section is present on the left hand side of the individual score report and the scores of Mathematics on the right.
  • On the topmost part of the report, the total scaled scores are stated along with the scaled scores that are to be obtained by the students for passing this test. Additionally, it is also mentioned in this area whether the student has passed this test or not.
  • The bottom portion of the score report contains the scale score of the students vis-à-vis the passing score and the highest scale scores for the subjects.
  • Besides this, the bottom portion also contains the number of multiple-choice questions in ELA and Mathematics that have been answered correctly by an individual.
  • The individual score reports can be viewed only by the students and their parents or guardians along with an authorized district personnel.

As far as the results are concerned, the students are allowed to view the summary reports of school, district, county and state.

While CAHSEE must be taken by all the students who are studying in Californian public schools, the candidates with disabilities who have an Individual Education Plan or Section 504 Plan are exempted from this certification.

For any query or clarification about the results of their children, the parents or guardians can visit the webpage at and get their answers from the teachers.

These results are important because they indicate the possibility of the student for obtaining High School Diploma. However, the students of grade ten have the opportunity of considering the option of retest unless they obtain the passing scores. Similarly, the students of grade eleven can take this test twice and those of twelve can take CAHSEE from two to five times. The students can take a portion of the test again in which they have not obtained the passing scores or the entire test with instructional support according to their convenience.

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