Preparing to Take CAHSEE

Preparing for CAHSEE in 7 Easy Steps

The California High School Exit Examination or CAHSEE is administered for all those students who are studying in the public schools of California and want to obtain their high school diplomas there. The scores of this test allow the authorities to ensure that the students have acquired the skills in Reading, Writing and Mathematics in order to prove their grade-level expertise that is required for getting this diploma. The students have to answer multiple-choice questions for CAHSEE test and each part of the test is conducted in two different sessions

The candidates are allowed to take the test in the second half of grade ten for the first time, failing which, the test can be taken again. Moreover, they can also take the test twice in grade eleven and two to five times in grade twelve.

The examination is divided into two categories:

  • English-language Arts or ELA
  • Mathematics

The contents of the examination correspond to the academic standards of the State Board of Education or SBE in California. Therefore, preparation should be done according to the prescribed standards of the test. While there is no single formula for attaining success in this test, the following steps sum up the ways in which the students should prepare for this test:

  1. As far as studying for the test is concerned, the students must start their preparation early so that there is enough time to revise on the test materials or the contents of the exam.
  2. It is necessary for each applicant to understand the topics, sections and duration of the test in detail so that they are able to divide their time for the preparation of each part of the exam.
  3. Thereafter, with this in mind, each applicant should analyze his/her strengths and weaknesses in order to understand their areas of focus. In short, there should be consistency in the mode of preparation. For instance, if a student is not confident about a certain area or part of the test, it should certainly deserve more attention than the others.
  4. The study materials should also be chosen carefully when it comes to the test prep whether it is online study materials or books. Ideally, the students should use a combination of materials in the initial stage of preparation.
  5. During the latter part of the preparation, the applicants should concentrate on practice tests regularly. Taking mock tests will allow them to take the final exam with confidence.
  6. The preparation should be done in a disciplined manner. For instance, if an applicant has started with the preparation of ELA, he/she should complete it fully and then move on to the other sections of the test.
  7. While choosing study material, care should be taken to discard old and unreliable materials. In fact, it is a good idea to form study groups within a particular area and pursue the studies for this test. Consulting tutors is another option particularly for those students requiring personal attention regarding the subjects that are tested in this exam.

The applicants of California High School Exit Examination may consult the following materials:

  • CAHSEE English - Language Arts or REA by Daniel L. Moody is available in paperback and CD-ROM allows the students to review their prep and offers several tips and advice for taking this test.
  • CASHEE Mathematics by Stephen Hearne consists of two full-length practice tests along with answer explanations. Additionally, this book provides a comprehensive guidance with extensive coverage of all the topics of the Math test.
  • Cracking the CASHEE Mathematics by Princeton Review is another book containing information about the test format, tips and tricks for tacking the Math section along with two full-length practice tests.
  • CASHEE English-Language Arts by Kaplan offers advice about how to tackle this section along with 2 full-length practice tests.

A strong preparation in all the sections of test enables the students to achieve the desired scores for obtaining a high school diploma.

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