Preparing for English Subject of CAHSEE

4 Important Things about Preparing for CAHSEE English

The CAHSEE test is a benchmark for the students of the high schools of California for obtaining High School Diploma by measuring their skills in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Taking this test is compulsory for all the Californian high school students except for the disabled candidates having an Independent Education Plan or Section 504 Plan.

The basic intent of taking this test is to assess the grade-level skills of the students and to increase the rate of success or achievements in high school students. The standard of the test corresponds to the topics or academic contents of the State Board of Education in California.

The CAHSEE test comprises of two categories including:

  • English-Language Arts or ELA
  • Mathematics

In the context of preparing for the English section, the applicants of this exam should keep the following 4 major things in mind:

  1. The candidates of this test should acquaint themselves with all the topics or contents of CAHSEE in order to understand or estimate their knowledge or skills and consider the options available for preparation accordingly.

  2. Taking practice or mock tests regularly allows the students to feel confident as the day of the final test approaches nearer. In fact, it is one of the most significant aspect of the test preparation. The students can choose to study from books as most of them contain full-length practice tests along with theoretical material. Besides this, there are online course modules that are available for and tutoring options for those who prefer individualized attention while preparing for this test. The concept of practice tests is also beneficial as it enables the students to assess their position for the English section and leaves room for improvement when started early.

  3. The CAHSEE test aspirants should try to focus on the topics of the test vis-à-vis their strengths and weaknesses so that it is easier for them to choose the right preparatory methods.

  4. There are 73 multiple-choice questions that are to be answered by the students out of which about 44 questions have to be attempted by them correctly for passing in this section of the test. However, obtaining a scaled score of 350 also enables them to pass this test.

The English test is divided into two different portions including Reading and Writing. In the Reading portion, the questions are based on Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and assaying of literary texts or a passage containing specific information. The Writing portion, on the other hand, requires the students to respond to an unseen text, literature or an informative passage. Besides this, the students are also expected to have knowledge about the applications, strategies and customs of writing.

In order to strengthen the test preparation, the students must consult the following options:

  • Barron's CAHSEE – English Language Arts by Christina Lacie covers the entire section of the test along with full-length practice exams with answer explanations. Additionally, there is a diagnostic exam for allowing students to ascertain their position with respect to CAHSEE prep.

  • The online CAHSEE prep course from Smhoop consists of 3 full timed practice tests and around 600 practice questions along with lots of other interesting features that makes this study material extremely easy and convenient to use. For more information, the students must log on to

  • Those students, who prefer tutoring option, School Tutoring Academy offers Home Tutoring Options in English from reputed teachers. For more information about the profile of teachers and the programs that are available for the CAHSEE aspirants, the students must visit their website at

The points mentioned above about prep modes for CAHSEE English test is not exhaustive and the list is infinite. The students should explore as many options as possible before arriving at a conclusion. At the same time, they must choose an option that makes them feel comfortable and encourages them to gear up for the final day of the test.