Utility of a CAHSEE Pre-test

Requirement of Taking A CAHSEE Pre-Test

California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) is a test developed and administered by the ETS. This test has to be taken up and passed by all high school students to obtain a high school diploma. The test was designed to increase a student's achievement in high school and it also ensures that students pass high school with grade level skills in reading, writing and math. The test consists of two sections: English/Language Arts and Mathematics.

The English/Language Arts syllabus for the test pertain to grade 10 level while Math syllabus pertains to grades 6 and 7 and Algebra-I questions are also asked in the test. It is a pass/fail test and you must attain a minimum of 350 to pass the test that is scored in the range of 275-450.


A pre-test is a preparatory test that is taken up by students while studying for the test. It is similar in format to the real test and helps students understand the test format. It may also be called a mock test.

There are many sources of these pre-tests from which students can prepare for the test and some of the most commonly used sources are:


Most of the CAHSEE study guides or books contain at least 2 mock tests. The answers to the questions with explanations are also provided in the book itself. Mostly, these are provided towards the end of the study guide. Some of the books that contain the pre-tests are:

  • CAHSEE MATHEMATICS STUDY GUIDE- Simplified Solutions for Math Inc
  • Cracking the CAHSEE: Mathematics, 3rd Edition - Princeton Review
  • CAHSEE English Language Art - Daniel L. Moody

Online Websites

Many free online practice tests are available. The links to some of them are given below:

Paid online practice tests are also available and here is one of the best:

Importance of Pre-tests and Why they are Required

Anyone who is planning to take up the CAHSEE should practice with at least one mock test. This type of preparation proves to be very helpful while attempting the real test.

  • Understanding the format- A pre-test is the best way to understand the exam as it helps you in knowing the format of the test. You can learn about the types of questions asked in the test as well.

  • Practice- Practice is the key to attaining a high score in a test and these mock tests would give you the practice you require for acing the test.

  • Understanding your weaknesses and strengths- When you take a pre-test, you would understand the areas where you are strong and the areas where you require to study more. Based on this, you can schedule and prepare for the test.

  • Duration- Though the test is an untimed test and you are allowed to take up the test for an entire day, it is best that you complete the paper within 3 or 4 hours. Pre-tests help you to time your tests and also help you in learning ways to answer questions faster.

Preparation for the Test

Preparation plays a key role in attaining high scores in the CAHSEE tests. There are different methods by which you can prepare for the test: self-study, group-study and professional help. For all these above-mentioned methods, advantages and disadvantages are present and based on your attitude and nature; you have to decide on the method that is best suited for you. However, whatever method you decide, pre-tests are essential and crucial and you must understand that only if you take up pre-tests, your preparation would be complete.


CAHSEE tests are important because; only when you pass these tests can you obtain your high school diploma and preparation and practice are critical to attain the required pass scores. As mentioned earlier, mock tests help you in preparing for the test and provides you with the much needed practice. It is best that you take up as many pre-tests as possible and ace the CAHSEE tests.