Math Test of CAHSEE

Scoring High in CAHSEE Math

The California High School Exit Examination or CAHSEE is a compulsory test in the state of California that all high school students should pass to get their diplomas. In this article, learn in detail about the Math test of the CAHSEE and find out how you may score high in this part of the test.

An Overview of the Math Section

The compulsory high school diploma test as administered in the state of California, the CAHSEE, has two main parts - the English-language arts (ELA) part and the Mathematics part. The overall objective of the CAHSEE testing is to ensure that students pass out with grade-appropriate knowledge levels and skills in the key academic areas like Math, Reading, and Writing; and to improve the performance of students in high school classes. In line with these stated objectives, the test helps evaluate the academic knowledge and proficiency of students according to the standards of grades six, and seven and Algebra I. The test content focuses on, but is not limited to, assessing the students' basic computational and arithmetic skills, including their ability to work with decimal, percentage, and fraction numbers.

For more information, you may refer to the official CAHSEE website (, and the official study guides available at the same website.

Test Content, Question Types, and Other Important Details

As mentioned earlier, this test draws its contents from the following grades and levels as per the California state board standards and norms:

  • Grade Six
  • Grade Seven
  • Algebra I

The following are the different topics and subtopics included in this part of the CAHSEE test:

  • Statistics, Data analysis, and Probability
  • Measurement and Geometry
  • Number sense
  • Algebra
  • Mathematical and Logical reasoning

The Math section includes two parts with a break in between them. There is no time restriction for completing the test. You may take as much time as you need within the time limits of a regular school day. The tests are done in the paper-based format only.

The questions included in this part of the CAHSEE test are designed to evaluate and understand the candidates' proficiency and foundation in common arithmetic operations and computations including the various types of numbers. Most questions are of multiple-option type and are in English. It must be noted that all students must take the CAHSEE tests in English only to get their diplomas. There are 92 questions included in this part of the test.

For practice questions, samples, and more information about the test content and questions, you may refer to the official test study guide available online (

The scores of the CAHSEE tests, including the Math test, are available after around seven weeks of the examination date. Scores generally range between 275 and 450; and a score of 350 or more is required to be considered as passed. Individual test scores are always considered confidential and are not published without appropriate permissions.

Tips to Score High in the Math Test

CAHSEE is not a difficult test to pass through, more so because it is grounded on what you have learnt through grade 11. However, it is always better to know how to perform well in the test and score high. Here are five tips that can help you score well:

  1. Focus on what you have learnt already. The test tries to evaluate your basic Math and arithmetic abilities according to what you have already learnt; therefore, the foremost important thing to do to score good is to focus and pay attention to what is being taught.
  2. Use the official study guide. The official study guides available for ELA and Math are the best prep and practice sources. Hence, do not miss these free, online sources.
  3. Plan for and prepare. You get to take the test several times in your high school years. You may start taking the test in your tenth grade; and if you are not successful, you may retake only the required parts of the test in your 11th and 12th grades.
  4. Request for help, when you need it. At times, if you lack clarity and need external help to understand better and prepare for the test, you may request help from your teachers, fellow students, or dedicated groups for CAHSEE preparation. Many school districts also offer test preparation help for students.
  5. Relax while you give your CAHSEE test. Keeping your calm is very important for any competitive testing. Always remember that you need not get all questions correct to pass the test. Be aware of the passing score requirements in advance.

You may use these points listed here, when you gear up for the test. For more tips and tricks, and strategies for test taking, you may also refer to the official study guide. In any case, be prepared for the test and try and score well!

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