A Guide for The Math Section of CAHSEE

Step by Step Guide to Prepare for CAHSEE Math

The English-Language Arts (ELA) and the Mathematics sections being the two main parts of the popular CAHSEE test, scores of both these sections can equally help raise your high school results. The Mathematics section contains questions that cover basic Math and Algebra areas through grades six and seven. When preparing for the test, it is essential that you try and learn about both the parts and accordingly prepare yourself. In this article, learn about some of the common methods of preparation, and also find a step-by-step guide to test preparation.

Different Methods for CAHSEE Math Preparation

Based on your individual style of learning and preparation needs, you may opt to join a course program, or may stick to self-study while preparing for the test. Here are some of the prep options available to you for Mathematics:

  • If you are a self-motivated person you may prefer to self-study over any other method. With lot of books and online resources available for preparation, it can work out well.

  • You might also want to join a forum or attend meetings and discussions about the test section and learn from these. Discussions can provide a lot of useful tips and strategies for learning as well as test taking.

  • For those who are more comfortable learning in a peer group or with guidance, it would always be better if you join a prep class or program. In addition, you may work on specific areas on your own, if required.

  • You may as well choose a combination of these methods. For instance, you may work on a section or sub-section on your own, but might join a prep class for the other, based on your needs.

Listed below are a few prep programs and books that can be of help in your test preparation:

Prep programs


  • CAHSEE - Mathematics (REA): The Best Test Prep for the California High School Exit Examination in Mathematics (Test Preps)

  • Cracking the CAHSEE: Mathematics, 3rd Edition (State Test Preparation Guides) [Paperback] from Princeton Review

  • California CAHSEE High School Mathematics Flashcards from Holidays Publishing Staff

A Generic Step-by-Step Guide to CAHSEE Math Preparation

Whatever method you choose for your test preparation, given below are four steps that can aid in your preparation for Math section. These are commonly applicable, generic steps that can aid the styles of most people and benefit them:

  1. Learn about the test section content: Learning about the test content and the different focus areas within is important part of Math prep. The following are the broad areas included in this section:

    • Algebra
    • Mathematical and Logical reasoning
    • Measurement and Geometry
    • Number sense
    • Statistics, Data analysis, and Probability

    For a more detailed description of the contents, you may refer to the test blueprint or the CAHSEE Mathematics study guide available online.

  2. Get to know what types of questions are asked: CAHSEE consists of both multiple-choice and descriptive types of questions. In the Math section of the test, most questions are of multiple-choice type.

  3. Understand the question patterns and find out the number of questions asked: There are 92 questions included in the Math section. The divisions of the questions is as follows:

    • 12 questions from Algebra I
    • 17 questions from Algebra and Functions
    • 8 question items from Mathematical reasoning
    • 17 questions from Measurement and Geometry
    • 14 questions from Number sense
    • 12 question items from Statistics, Probability, and Data analysis: 12 questions

    For more details, you may refer to the test blueprint online at: http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/tg/hs/resources.asp.

  4. Practice with real questions: A good number of released test questions are available at the official test website (http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/tg/hs/documents/math08rtq.pdf). You may also refer to the official study guide and other prep sources for more questions and practice tests. Practicing not only helps you familiarize yourself with the test content and format, but also helps you improve your test taking skills and abilities.

To Conclude...

CAHSEE Math section is as important as the ELA section and the scores of this section can raise or lower your high school scores in a significant manner. Therefore, it is advised that you put considerable effort in this section and try and do your best in this part of the test!