Procurement of CAHSEE Exam Results

Sources for Getting CAHSEE Results

The California High School Exit Examination, or CAHSEE intends to measure the competence of the students, who are studying in the public schools of California, and want to obtain High School Diploma. The test results or the scores obtained by the test takers determine whether a student has the ability to obtain this Diploma or not.

The students of Californian high schools can start taking CAHSEE from the second half of grade ten, failing which, they will have the opportunity to consider the option of retest a few times. On the other hand, the students of grade eleven and twelve can also take the test again unless they are able to obtain the passing scores. While the grade eleven students can take the retest twice, the twelfth grade students can take them from two to five times.

The exam must be taken by all the students of California except those who are disabled and registered under Individual Educational program or Section 504 Plan.

As far as results of this test are concerned, the following points must be remembered by the students who have taken this test:

  • The CAHSEE Summary Results are delivered to school district, school, state and county levels and the candidates. The students can visit the web page at for obtaining the same.

  • As soon as a student tries to access this link, he/she will be guided to the Data Quest web site that displays the summary results of different levels. Besides this, it will also feature the summary results that are based on gender, grade, language, race, financial status of the students, participants of migrant and special education program and those students, who have tested under some changes or altered situations.

  • The Data Quest web site also reports the summary results of ELA and Mathematics with respect to the number of students who have passed the CAHSEE test, those who are unsuccessful, and the average correct percent for both the subjects and unsuccessful students.

  • The individual score reports of this exam are not available on the website of CAHSEE. They are mailed to the students and only meant for the viewing of the candidates, their parents and guardians.

  • The individual score reports are delivered to the local education agencies about eight weeks after the tests are conducted and the staff of this agency is responsible for mailing them to the students within time.

What information can the students acquire from the individual test scores? Let us find out from the following points:

  • The score reports consist of the scores of Mathematics and English Language Arts on the right and left hand side of the report respectively.

  • In the bottom portion of the report, the students can find the highest scale scores for ELA and Mathematics and the scaled scores that have been obtained by the students for passing the CAHSEE test.

  • Besides this, the bottom portion of the score report also state the number of questions that have been attempted correctly by the students in both sections of the test.

  • The top portion of the score report reflects the total scale scores of CAHSEE test vis-à-vis the scores that are obtained by students. Additionally, the most important information is also obtained from the top portion of the students score report, which states whether an applicant has obtained passing scores in this test or not.

Therefore, it is clear that the test takers of CAHSEE can get the summary results from the internet and the individual reports from the LEA's or the local education agencies. As a matter of fact, the LEA's present in central locations appoint phone numbers and the staff is instructed to help the students and their parents for obtaining clarifications regarding the score reports. The results of this test are significant resources that direct the students to proceed in the right way for obtaining the High School Diploma.