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CAT - ASVAB - A Brief Overview

ASVAB is taken by those candidates who are prepared to explore a challenging career in Marines, Navy, Army and Air Force in the United States. The test is available in two different modes:

  • Paper and Pencil
  • CAT or Computer Administered ASVAB

The ASVAB is conducted at a Military Entrance Processing Station or MEPS and an applicant can take the test at a Station that is located near his residence. However, if an applicant is residing in a different location and unable to take the test from the Processing Station, he will have the opportunity to take the test from a satellite location called as Military Entrance Test Site or MET.

Things to know about ASVAB

For taking ASVAB, an applicant is required to log on to http://www.todaysmilitary.com/ for contacting a recruiter. The recruiter in turn will determine whether the applicant has fulfilled all the requirements for taking this test. Thereafter, the applicant is offered a date for taking the examination. The following requirements must be fulfilled by a candidate for taking this test for the purpose of enlistment:

  • The candidate must be 18 years of age or 17 years along with the consent of parents.
  • For taking ASVAB, a candidate must be a high school graduate. However, a GED certificate is also accepted in certain cases.

The ASVAB is administered for free and the date or schedule of the test is assigned to an applicant by the recruiter only after interviewing the candidate in order to ensure whether he has fulfilled the eligibility of ASVAB. In short, the recruiter will send the candidate to a MEPS or MET that is located close to his residence, for taking the ASVAB.

The Basics about CAT or Computer Adapted ASVAB

Those candidates who want to take online ASVAB or the computer administered test can appear for the examination from the Processing Stations as all of them administer the online test.

  • The CAT ASVAB or the computer administered test intends to adapt to the abilities and skills of the candidates who are prepared to take online ASVAB.
  • The test is administered with the help of software that determines the questions for which the test takers will find the answers.
  • The questions that are offered to the candidates are designed according to their abilities and their answer to the previous question.
  • The computer adapted test is time bound along with a set of the number of questions that remain fixed. However, the candidates manage to take online ASVAB and complete it within one and a half hours.

The Winning Approach of Computer Administered ASVAB

Not only are the candidates able to take online ASVAB with enhanced level of confidence and conviction, it has been observed that the amount of errors is fewer in this mode of test or ASVAB. Moreover, the level of precision while evaluating the answers of the candidates is also higher for those who take online ASVAB.

While the category of questions that are administered for those who take online ASVAB may be easy or difficult, the pattern of selection of questions remains similar until the completion of the test or if the candidate fails to complete the test within the designated hours. It is necessary to note that those candidates who are unable to take online ASVAB within the time that is mentioned for the same are penalized although it is seldom applied as a majority of students manage to finish the test within time.

The online ASVAB is a pioneering mode of this examination as it allows the test takers to appear for the test in a relaxed manner as they get an opportunity of answering the questions according to their skills without waiting for manual instructions. Thus, the freedom that is enjoyed by each candidate while seeking the opportunity of online ASVAB helps them to attain a successful career in the military.

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