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Taking the ASVAB - a Checklist

ASVAB is the most important gateway to military recruiting in the US. In addition, the test also helps you assess your own skills and aptitude, and explore non-military career options. If you are planning to take ASVAB test, here is list of important pointers, which you must remember.

What is ASVAB Test and What is it used for?

  • Though the history of military enlisting could be traced back to the World War I times; it was in 1976, when all the wings of the US military started using the same test (ASVAB) for both enlisting and classifying the potential candidates.
  • The ASVAB test consists of multiple aptitude tests that help evaluate the eligibility to armed forces enlisting, and in classifying the selected candidates into appropriate job roles within the forces. Though all force branches use the same test battery, each one has its own minimum score criteria.
  • For more information on ASVAB, refer to: http://official-asvab.com/eligibility_rec.htm

Who can Take ASVAB and How?

  • When a part of the military enlisting process, the ASVAB is administered by the recruiters (armed service personnel of 25-30 years old with 5-10 years of military experience). The candidates applying for the test are selected after an initial interview, in which certain important eligibility factors are evaluated. These include:
    • Age: You should be between 17 and 35, and would need parental consent if under 18.
    • Dependent details: Whether you are a single parent, how many dependents have you got, etc.
    • Medical problems: History of any illness, treatment undertaking, etc.
    • Drug usage: Any previous history of drug usage
    • Criminal background: Previous criminal records, if any.
    Some recruiters also administer a pre-screening test to roughly estimate the applicants' performance in AFQT. Based on the information provided, and if it meets the required enlistment criteria for various military services, the recruiter asks the applicants to take ASVAB test. Moreover, there is no cost involved to take ASVAB test. You can find more information at the official ASVAB website (http://official-asvab.com/recruiters.htm); you may also visit http://www.mepcom.army.mil/enlistment.html.
  • ASVAB test is also administered as part of the Career Exploration Program (CEP) in schools, free of cost. The program is administered by civilian Education Services Specialists who are not into armed forces recruiting. Through this program, high school and senior secondary students of participating schools take ASVAB test. Even if you are not planning for a military career, the test scores will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, identify your interests, and learn about your potential success in suitable civilian/military occupation.
  • Also, there is no restriction on how many times an applicant can take ASVAB test, provided all other required criteria are met. The retesting policies (of the test as part of enlisting and as part of school CEP) allow an applicant to take ASVAB test a second and third time after one month each from the last test date. For subsequent retakes, a waiting period of six months is required from the last date of test administration (http://official-asvab.com/retest_rec.htm).

Where to Take ASVAB Test?

  • The test is administered usually at Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS). This would generally be a CAT-ASVAB, or computerized version of the test. The ASVAB is also administered at satellite Military Entrance Test (MET) sites, if there are no MEPS available in the locality. Your recruiter will guide you about where to take ASVAB test nand when it is scheduled.
  • You can find a list of Military Entrance Processing Stations in the United States at http://www.mepcom.army.mil/enlistment.html.
    As a part of the Career Exploration Program, the test dates are often scheduled by the schools. You can find more information at: http://www.asvabprogram.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=overview.main

Depending on whether you take the test as part of CEP at school, or as part of military enlisting, the test dates, center, and eligibility criteria may differ. However, the test content and scoring criteria remain the same, and depending on the purpose of testing, the test scores helps you move ahead in life.

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