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5 Things you must Know about ASVAB Online Study

Since 1976, all the branches of the US armed forces have been using the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test for classifying as well as enlisting purposes. Though no extra coaching programs or classes might be necessary for ASVAB preparations, it is always better to review the core test areas and be sure of oneself. If planning to study ASVAB online, here is a list of five important pointers that you cannot miss out.

ASVAB - The Test and its Purpose

A battery of timed aptitude tests, the ASVAB is used to decide the eligibility of candidates for US military enlisting and also for classifying the selected candidates into appropriate job roles. Thousands of school students also take up the ASVAB, as a part of the Career Exploration Program, to learn more about their career interests and skills. The test is offered as a computerized version and in the traditional paper-based format. In addition, though the test content is the same, the scoring requirements differ for the various military services. You can find more information about the test at:

Preparing for ASVAB

ASVAB test covers basic topics of English, Math, and General Science pertaining to the school/college level; and, ideally, requires no extra coaching programs for preparation. However, it is always a good idea to revise the core test subjects, and be focussed. Plenty of books, practice, and review materials are available offline and online. If planning to study ASVAB online, you may find a good number of free as well as paid resources, of varied nature - test papers, review and practice materials, tips and strategies, etc. Moreover, the best place to start off your study ASVAB online would always be the official ASVAB websites. Whether studying online or offline, it is also important that you start off by learning all about the test - its contents, structure, timings, versions, scoring process, and the score requirements for various military branches (

Five Things You Must Know to Study ASVAB Online

Here is a list of five important pointers to study ASVAB online:

1. Decide your interest areas: When planning to study ASVAB online (or offline), keep a note of what your interest areas and skill sets are. This would help you focus on the core areas that can secure you good scores in the relevant clusters or lines, and, in turn, move towards a career field you are aspiring for/fitting in. For example, if you are genuinely interested in the Electrical field, and you prepare yourself accordingly, the chances are high that your ASVAB line scores would reflect your interests and thus might aid recruiters in choosing the best possible Electrical field career for you.

2. Take a pre test: Before starting off your preparations, take a sample test and evaluate yourself. Understand what your strengths and weaknesses are. This would help you focus more on your weaker areas, if any, while study ASVAB online, and accordingly improve your ASVAB scores. You can find sample questions online at:

Also, keep taking sample tests at regular intervals of your study program to see how you are faring, and alter your strategies/plans to improve any weaker areas.

3. Plan your prep program: Having a systematic plan for your study ASVAB online is a great idea, as in any other preparation. Chalk out a plan of study for yourself; decide how many hours of study per week, what areas to cover by when, etc. This way you will not leave out any important areas and will have enough time to touch upon the necessary areas.

4. Choose authentic materials: There is no dearth of materials to study ASVAB online. You get downloadable materials, practice-online materials, tips and tricks, and many more. However, it is important that you select only the good/authentic materials for your preparations. For example, if you are looking at review materials, make sure that they cover the core test areas and include topics of required levels. This would help you get a realistic picture of what is asked and prepare yourself accordingly.

5. Use what you need: Based on your needs, include different kinds of materials in your preparation program. For example, if you are thorough with your course areas and you need not revise them again, you might just need practice materials and sample tests with answer keys. Simulated tests can help you improve your timings, as well. Or if you are weaker in certain areas, but extremely good in some others, include more review materials for the weaker ones. At the same time, including some tips and strategies materials would be a great idea, anyway.

With different materials available online, study ASVAB online is a great idea for ASVAB aspirants. As said earlier, while selecting the materials and using them, the focus should be on getting the best possible materials for each individual's needs and also utilizing them to the full. With right kind of preparation and systematic planning, ASVAB will not be a difficult test to crack.

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