Pretest ASVAB

5 Prerequisites of Pretest ASVAB

The challenge of joining the military should be substantiated with ample preparation and this is what inspires high school and post secondary students to take the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery or ASVAB, which is conducted once every year. In this context, the importance of practice tests should not be overlooked by the applicants of ASVAB as they are considered as the most useful tool of preparing for the final examination. This is primarily because a majority of these tests are conducted under realistic conditions and the applicants are able to monitor their progress regularly by taking the practice tests or pretest for ASVAB.
There are two different formats of taking the ASVAB although the essence of both these modes is similar. As a matter of fact, the difference of formats is meant for the convenience of the test takers and allows them to choose the mode of test that is likely to enhance their chances of success in the final examination. The following are the formats of ASVAB that are chosen by the students for enlistment and career in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.

  • Paper and Pencil
  • CAT or Computer administered ASVAB

However, the practice tests for ASVAB do not offer guaranteed success for scoring well in the final examination unless the test takers are able to gauge their progress or weaknesses and work on them for making improvements in their performance.

The Sections of ASVAB

The ASVAB comprises of the following sections:

  • General Science

  • Paragraph Comprehension

  • Word Knowledge

  • Arithmetic Reasoning

  • Mathematics Knowledge

  • Auto and Shop Information

  • Electronics Information

  • Mechanical Comprehension

  • Assembling Objects

5 Things to Know about Practice Tests for ASVAB

While there is no particular test practice or preparation method that is recommended by ASVAB, pretest ASVAB is the most valuable option for the applicants to judge their preparation for the final examination. Let us assess the reasons for which the test applicants should consider taking the option of practice tests for ASVAB:

  • Pretest ASVAB allows an applicant to take practice tests that are conducted under realistic conditions.
  • By taking practice tests before the final examination, the applicants are able to review their preparation for the final examination of ASVAB.
  • Taking a pretest ASVAB also helps an applicant to gauge whether he is able to maintain the time that is allotted for taking this examination.
  • An applicant is also able to focus on the strengths and weaknesses of his preparation by considering the option of pretest ASVAB. In short, the applicant will know whether more effort will be required for a particular subtest.
  • The score of a practice test is a parameter for each applicant and enhances his confidence before the final day of the test.

Checklist for Selecting Practice Tests of ASVAB

Although, taking a pretest ASVAB is considered as one the most authentic ways of preparing for the final examination, here are some of the prerequisites for ASVAB practice tests that should be considered by test takers:

  • An applicant should try to choose the most suitable practice test for sufficient preparation before taking the final exam of ASVAB.
  • A practice test that features the opportunity of performance analysis and answer explanations will allow an applicant to evaluate his level of preparation.
  • An applicant should decide to take a pretest ASVAB that is presented in a simple mode and offered in a convenient set up.
  • The credibility of the practice test provider should be examined thoroughly before deciding to take the tests since they are not approved officially by ASVAB.
  • The questions of a pretest ASVAB that are present in a course program should be designed after reviewing the pattern of questions that were asked during the previous years. Therefore, taking a practice test should allow an applicant to save time while searching the questions and tallying the answers that are likely to be asked in the final examination.

Although, a practice test for ASVAB is taken by many applicants for preparing well for the final examination, it is necessary to examine the content of the course programs that offer these tests. This is primarily because taking the pretest for ASVAB is the most practical solution for strengthening the preparation for ASVAB.

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