Online ASVAB test

Test Breakdown for Online ASVAB

The ASVAB is a test that measures the skills and abilities of the applicants for enlistment and career in the military in the United States and administered to high school and post secondary students. The tests began in 1968 and are presently conducted in 65 Military Entrance Processing Stations or MEPS that are located in the United States and Puerto Rico. However, those candidates who reside far away from MEPS can take the test in satellite locations, which are referred to as Military Entrance Test Sites or MET. The test is conducted in two formats:

  • Paper and Pencil Mode: This is a traditional mode of testing in which, the candidates have to answer the same set of questions together by following the instructions. Generally, the candidates take about three hours to complete this mode of ASVAB.
  • CAT or computer Administered Test: The computer adaptive ASVAB or online ASVAB test can be taken by the students at their own pace because it is a software driven test. The applicants have the liberty to answer the sections of the test according to their speed and ability and move on to the subsequent sections. Therefore, this mode of ASVAB can be completed within one and a half hours.

Features of CAT- ASVAB

The features of CAT - ASVAB or online ASVAB test are as follows:

  • The questions of this test are displayed on the screen of the computer.
  • The answers are scored and compiled by the automated system or software.
  • The scores of the subtests for online ASVAB test are also computed separately.
  • In the online ASVAB test, the scores of AFQT and the cumulative scores for all the services are also calculated by the automated system.
  • While the essence of the computer administered ASVAB or online ASVAB test is similar to that of the Paper and pencil Tests , the candidates get an opportunity to complete the online test within as little as one and a half hours as compared to the three-hour traditional P&P test
  • The software in the computer administered tests calculates the results that are transferred through the computer to the Manpower Information and Retrieval System.
  • The scoring system of CAT administered ASVAB is coherent and the chances of errors are reduced due to the presence of automation software.

Overview of CAT- ASVAB

The online ASVAB test intends to assess the skills and abilities of a person for enlistment and occupation in the military, but the test is customized to suit the ability of an applicant taking this examination. Accordingly, the response for each question that is answered by a candidate is evaluated immediately. Therefore, each question that is asked in the online test may be easy or difficult than the previous one as it intends to suit the ability of the candidates. Thus, it can be summed up that the system of scoring in online ASVAB test is more scientific and correct and the entire test consumes less time than the conventional system of paper based examination. According to the data of ASVAB, about 70% candidates take the computer administered test.

The Breakdown of Subtest for Online ASVAB Test

The subtests are similar in the online ASVAB test with one exception when compared with the Paper and Pencil test mode. In the computer administered test, the Automotive and Shop Information sections are disintegrated into two different sub sections. However, the marked difference with Paper and Pencil mode lies in the fact that this test is adapted to suit the ability of a candidate taking ASVAB. While writing the answers of the sub test, an applicant will not have to obey any restriction of time and he will have the liberty to move into the consecutive sub sections.

The CAT administered ASVAB is designed in such a manner so that an applicant does not require the knowledge of computers while taking this test. The candidates will only have to follow the instructions that are provided at the beginning of each subtest. Taking the online administered ASVAB will allow the competent and able test takers to embark on the road to a successful career and enlistment in the military.

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