Online ASVAB Study

5 Essentials of Online Study for ASVAB

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) tests the following areas:

  1. Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)
  2. Assembling Objects (AO): (applicable only for the computerized version)
  3. Automotive & Shop Information (AS)
  4. Electronics Information (EI)
  5. General Science (GS)
  6. Mathematics Knowledge (MK)
  7. Mechanical Comprehension (MC)
  8. Paragraph Comprehension (PC)
  9. Word Knowledge (WK)

You can appear for the ASVAB in either of the following modes:

  • Pen and paper based test, also known as P&P-ASVAB
  • Computerized test, also known as CAT-ASVAB

Both have their advantages and your choice really depends on your comfort level with the format. The importance lies in your preparation for the test.

Online Prep: An Effective Way to Prepare for ASVAB

There are many ways to prepare for the ASVAB. Although each candidate has his/her own method/approach of preparation, the online method is gaining popularity among students, especially with the widespread availability of technology. Online prep is a boon for those who cannot devote time to attend classes but still need help to prepare for the ASVAB.

The internet is a hub of information that can help you to prepare effectively for the ASVAB. There are many sites available to guide you in your preparation for ASVAB. Online ASVAB study is especially effective for candidates who want to appear for the CAT-ASVAB. This is because the medium of instruction is the same, through a computer, and the interface is similar as well as familiar. Candidates opting for online ASVAB study can also time themselves accordingly by preparing for ASVAB online.

Online ASVAB study can also help you to reach out to tutors who can provide answers to your queries promptly. Tutors can be available according to the schedule, so make sure that you plan/note your queries in advance. Most online prep classes also provide you with study guides or extra material to aid you in your preparation; so, you might not require buying extra books or guides.

Essentials of Online Prep

1. Plan carefully

Online preparation for ASVAB, like for any other test, requires dedication along with careful planning. Ensure that you complete your groundwork about the various options available online before you begin. Make sure that you are aware of the websites that provide preparatory courses for ASVAB, rather than surfing for sites as you begin your prep. Make a list of these or contact them if you need to, to know more about the prep course.

2. Have a schedule and stick to it

After judging the suitability of the course, chalk out a plan of action. You can plan according to the timeline of the online course (if you opt for an online course). In most cases, professional online classes draw up a study schedule for you to follow.

3. Note down queries as you face them

Online tutors are a boon when you are preparing online. Tutors can reply to queries promptly and accurately. However, it is a good practice to note down your queries or doubts before you can reach out to the tutor so that your queries are resolved in one go.

4. Practice, practice, practice

There are many online tests available for practice. The practice tests will help you to judge your readiness for the ASVAB. Moreover, you can time yourself accordingly if you plan to take the CAT-ASVAB. The CAT-ASVAB is an adaptive test, which means that the next question presented to you will be based on your response to the previous question. You might find some online resources that are in line with this.

5. Most of it is free...

Most online ASVAB tests are available for free, which means that you can save on the expenses of buying books and attending private tutorials. Look up free online tests that will give you enough practice. You might also want to check with friends or those who have appeared for the test using online prep to guide you through the best places to prepare and otherwise.


The advantages of online ASVAB study are manifold. However, it requires a disciplined approach wherein you must ensure that you stick to your plan/schedule till the day you appear for the test. Technology has advanced in such a manner that you can even access online ASVAB study materials through your Smartphone. There is a plethora of sites available that help you to prepare for ASVAB; for example: or Make sure that you make the most of these courses by practicing the tests given to you by these classes or the ones that are available for free.

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