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ASVAB Score Declaration Procedure

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a standardized test that measures your aptitude to join the United States Armed Forces. In order to find out more about the test or to enlist, you may contact your local Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS). The stations have recruiters who will provide you with all the required information and guidance on joining the military services. Before appearing for the ASVAB, you need to check whether you fulfill the basic requirements to join the services. For example, your age, whether you have a valid social security number, citizenship, and so on. The basic requirements vary according to each branch of the services; so, be sure to check the requirements of the branch you are interested to join.

Preparing for the military services must be a well-thought procedure. There will be hundreds of questions running in your mind with respect to the ASVAB test. Some of these questions related to the ASVAB test are described below.

What should my ASVAB score be?

This is a relative question because your cumulative score depends on your:

  • Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score: Tests the domains of Math and English.
  • General Technical (GT) score: Used to compute your AFQT percentile.
  • Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) or line scores: Specific to each branch, job, and domain; that is depending on which division you intend to join, such as technical, administrative, clerical, and so on.

Most recruiters at MEPS will provide you with a sample test of the ASVAB to gauge your ability. You can use the practice test to understand how much effort is required to score high. The minimum score required to enlist in most services is within the 31 to 40 range; the average score being 50. However, it is essential to secure a high score because among other things, it determines your bonus amount. Needless to say, better the job, the higher the signing bonus .

How will I receive my ASVAB score?

  • If you appeared for the CAT-ASVAB, the results will be available immediately because the test is computerized and the marks are computed electronically.
  • If you appeared for the P&P-ASVAB, you will not receive your scores immediately. You will need to wait till the recruiter calls to inform you that your ASVAB scores have arrived. If you appeared for the test at your high school, your school counselor will receive the test results, in which case the results will be mailed to you or you may collect them at your school.
  • Your ASVAB scores will not be available on the internet due to privacy policies.
  • If you want to check your ASVAB score, depending on your choice of branch (Army, Navy, Air Force, etc.) you will need to locate the address of the recruiting office close to you. You will then need to fill-in the DD Form 680-ADP and give it to the recruiter. You can also call the recruiting office; however, this is a lengthy process because they will need to search for your records and then mail it to you.

What should I do if I do not receive my ASVAB score?

If you do not receive your scores, you must contact your recruiter or high school.

Will my ASVAB score be enough to get me a good job?

Unfortunately, your ASVAB score is not enough to guarantee you a good job in the services. There are other factors, such as mental and physical fitness, height and weight measurement standards that are mandatory requirements for certain jobs. For example, you will need to be physically agile for warfare related duties. After examining your ASVAB scores and your physical status, the recruiter will explain the jobs that are best suited for you.

How should I retrieve my ASVAB score?

ASVAB scores have a validity of two years. This means you can join the services when you choose to, though the earlier the better. In case you lose your scores, you can contact your recruiter to retrieve your scores. However, you will need to appear for a retest if your scores are more than two years old.

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