The Significance of the ASVAB for Marines

What is the Significance of ASVAB for Marines?

Taking the ASVAB is one of the most viable solutions for those candidates who are keen to pursue a career in the Marine Corps in the United States. The accuracy of thoughts and the ability to take quick decisions are some of the basic features of an individual who has decided to join this service.

The Eligibility Criteria for ASVAB

The standard of enlistment in the Marine Corps is reasonably higher and each individual, who is keen to make a career in the Marine Corps, should understand the significance of taking this test for a successful career in this wing. A Marine recruiter will initially determine whether an applicant has fulfilled the eligibility criteria to qualify to take this exam or not. Given below are some of the requirements that have to be met by a candidate who wishes to join this service:

  • An applicant must be 17 years of age and less than 29 years of age at the time of enlistment.
  • He should be a legal resident of United States and carry a diploma from a high school.
  • The candidate should also pass the physical fitness examination that is required for joining this branch of the U.S Armed Forces.
  • The recruiter will also confirm whether an applicant is prepared for recruitment training at MCRD Parris Island or MCRD San Diego.
  • After selection, the candidates have to pursue training from the SOI or School of Infantry that prepares them for Marines who are ready to fight from the initial stage.

Sections of AFQT and Scoring for the Marine Corps

The scores of the following sections are used to calculate the AFQT or Armed Forces Qualification Test score:

  • Arithmetic Reasoning

  • Mathematics Knowledge

  • Word Knowledge

  • Paragraph Comprehension

The AFQT score is used to find out the skills and abilities of an individual for enlistment in the Marines as compared to the scores of all the sections that determine the eligibility of an individual for seeking a job in the military. Therefore, making a successful career in this service will depend on the score of AFQT. ASVAB is usually administered to high school and post secondary students. The minimum AFQT score that is required for enlistment in the Marine Corps is 32. However, those applicants who do not have a High School Diploma or possess GED should obtain a score of 50.

On the other hand, the line scores determine whether an applicant is capable of specialized training and securing a job in Marine Corps in the United States. The following are the line scores for US Marine:

  • Mechanical Maintenance or MM is the sum total of the scores of Auto and Shop Information, Mathematics Knowledge and Electronics Information. The minimum MM required for Expeditionary Airfield Systems Technician is 95 whereas for a Flight Equipment Technician, Aircraft Maintenance Support Equipment Mechanic and Aircraft Intermediate Level Structures Mechanic it is 105.

  • Electronics or EL is evaluated from the scores of General Science, Arithmetic Reasoning, Mathematics Knowledge and Electronic Information. While the minimum line score for the job of an Electrician is 90, the EL for Telephone Technician, Switching Equipment Technician, Communication Security Equipment Technician and Ground Communications Organizational Repairer is 115.

  • General Technician or GT is evaluated from the sum total of the scores of Verbal Expression and Arithmetic Reasoning. Therefore, a Rifleman should score 80 in GT, an Administrative Clerk should score 100 in GT, and a MAGTF Planning Specialist should score 110 in GT. Similarly the minimum line score for a General Technician will depend on different job titles.


The U.S Marines is responsible for offering protection to the nation from the sea by employing an array of forces. In fact, they add value to the force protection service of the nation with some of the fastest and most extraordinary tasks that are performed by them. They are capable and have the expertise to enter a location from sea, land and air. The training and the tasks in which the marine forces are engaged regularly, signify that the Marine Corps are a group of forces that intends to serve the interest of the nation through their intensely mobilized actions and their capacity to work for the country.