How is the GT Score on ASVAB Used?


The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test is an examination that a person will have to take if he wishes to join the U.S Armed Forces. This is a test that you can take on paper or on a computer. Generally, about 70% of the test takers take the computer version of the exam that consists of ten subtests. On the other hand, if you decide to take the pen and paper test, you will find that there are nine subtests there. The General Technical or GT score ASVAB is derived from this test and you should make sure you get a high GT score. The reason why this score is important is because three of the subtests that make up this score are also included in the AFQT score. The AFQT score is necessary to determine whether a person is eligible for enlistment so a high GT will have a positive effect on the AFQT score.

How is the GT Score Used?

Enlistment: If you are planning to join the U.S Armed Forces, the Service that you wish to be a part of will screen you and determine whether you are eligible or not. This is where the General Technical score is important. It will establish whether or not you are eligible for enlistment in the Service of your preference because the subtests that are included in the GT consist of three out of the four subtests of the AFQT.

  • MOS position: One of the most important uses of the GT score ASVAB is that it will help in determining what kind of job you are eligible for when you get into any one of the five branches of the U.S Armed Forces. In other words, it means that once you are in the armed forces, this score will help in determining the Military Occupation Specialist or MOS position that you will be assigned to
  • Higher score higher ranking job: If your objective is to become an officer it is vital that you have a very high General Technical score. If you obtain a lower score (less than 115) then you will not be able to get a higher ranking job in the military. Thus, your main objective will be to concentrate on getting higher General Technical or GT score.
  • Civil or Military jobs: Another use of this score is that it will help you decide what kind of job you will be most suitable for, be it civil or military. It helps you determine whether you are better suited for a military or a civil job position.

GT score

Even though GT means General technical, no mechanical or subtests will be taken into account at the time of calculating this score. This means that it is not necessary for you to have any special technical knowledge to get a high GT score ASVAB.

After you have taken the ASVAB exam, you should then wait for your score report. Once you have obtained it, you should then look for Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) and Verbal Expression (VE) scores. Keep in mind that the VE score is obtained by taking your Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension scores.

The score can be determined by adding the VE scores to the AR scores, which leads to the following:

GT score ASVAB = VE + AR

To help you with these three subtests, keep the following things in mind:

  • Paragraph Comprehension- You will be given written materials from where you will have to obtain relevant information and answer the questions.
  • Arithmetic Reasoning- This subtest will consist of basic math problems that you will have to work on.
  • Word Knowledge: This is a subtest where you will have to understand the meanings of terms by knowing the synonyms well.

Scoring High in the GT ASVAB

If you wish to score high in the GT score ASVAB, it is important for you to concentrate on the three subtests that will make up your General technical score. There is a difference between a low GT and a high GT in the sense that a low or a high score will make a difference. So your main aim should be to make sure you get a score which is as high as possible. Try to take out some time everyday and study. Remember to take the sample tests that you will find online because regular practice will improve your score. Ideally, you will be able to study well when you give yourself three months to prepare for the examination. This way, you will have ample time to prepare yourself.

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