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5 Essentials of free ASVAB materials

The ASVAB is a test to determine eligibility in the US armed forces. Considering that it is not a global test, it is difficult to find a free ASVAB book on the internet. Similar is the case with other materials available on the internet. They are limited and hard to find. However, if you search intensively, previews of books can be found, giving you the flexibility to pay for a complete book after having seen a part of it. But if you do end up looking for free materials, here's a list of 5 essentials that free ASVAB materials must have.

1) Look for authenticity: Consider looking at the source of the material, or perhaps the author. Many sites simply push SAT material inside practice tests to feign as ASVAB tests.

2) Look for section-wise breakup: To determine if the material is authentic, check whether the material is broken down into the 10 sections that the ASVAB tests for. Check if each section is handled differently.

3) Check if the material or the Free ASVAB Book has strategies and quick solving tips: If the material available is pages upon pages of theory, it is just a subjective book. It will not provide the critical aspect of saving on time while taking the ASVAB.

4) Take maximum practice tests online: If you plan to take the CAT-ASVAB, it is vital that you consider taking maximum online practice tests which are timed. Many sites provide customized tests that can be taken in either study mode or timed mode.

5) In case you intend to take the P&P-ASVAB, look for forums that detail experiences of Test takers. You must search the official site for time available for filling up your particulars, the method to cancel or change the answer to a question, the availability of scratch paper and such things to eliminate surprises and anxiety while taking the test.

What follows is a list of free ASVAB materials along with their reviews and links that can help you get started.

1) Practice tests:

Practice tests for ASVAB, owing to the similarity with SAT tests, are abundant and easy to find. The most popular and freely available tests can be found at The site simulates an ASVAB test and is based on sections.
Another great practice test can be found at
The test can also be easily customized according to the requirement of the test taker. Some of the options available are with or without the answers and in study mode or true test mode.

2) Free ASVAB book
A free ASVAB book is available at
It is a test study guide of 50 pages, giving detailed tips and examples based on sections in the test. It also has valuable insights explained using example questions and answers.

3) Using books available in stores and libraries:

A really cool idea is to search online for shops or libraries that house ASVAB books for sale or rent, and read the books there. That's like free, the only catch is that you don't get to take them home.
While not a free ASVAB book, the "KAPLAN ASVAB" is available in a paperback version in almost all book stores. The edition is important, and make sure you read the latest one. Kaplan is well known specifically for the tips in the Math sections. Most people end up buying it simply for that section. It is detailed, and provides ways to solve problems quickly. This is important because time is of the essence when taking the ASVAB.

A great book from the popular series of dummies books is the "ASVAB for Dummies". It provides great tips and it is specifically known for its ability to give the test taker the freedom to start from scratch. A free online cheat sheet for the ASVAB is also available online.

In conclusion, a useful tactic while searching for a free ASVAB book, or for free online materials, is to search for keywords like 'AFQT' because it is more popular among test takers. Working through SAT material, which is also available online can help. The only disadvantage is that it is not as focused as books available specific for the test. Getting a book is more advantageous if you require serious in-depth study to ace the test. If you are one of those scholarly types, you can probably brush up the basics using the resources listed above and get familiar with the test using the official site.

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