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Top 5 ASVAB study books

ASVAB or the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery is a multi-aptitude test, administered by the Department of Defenses to select potential candidates for the U.S. Military Services. Preparation is the key to acing the ASVAB. Hence, similar to any competitive exam, there are many ways to prepare for the test. However, preparing using books is the best and most common methodology for ASVAB study.

ASVAB Study Books

There are many types of ASVAB study books available today. These are:

  • Books that cover all the domains of the ASVAB test
  • Books that cover one or two of the ASVAB domains
  • Books that contain only practice tests

Since these different types of books are available, each one can choose the best ASVAB book that is ideal for his/her preparation.

Advantages of using ASVAB Study Books

There are many advantages in using books for ASVAB preparation. Due to the advantages mentioned below, books can be considered as the best and the easiest way for preparing for the ASVAB.

  • Cost Factor- ASVAB books are available at lower costs when compared to the charges of a professional tutor or online classes.
  • Explanations- Whatever the type of book one buys, it will contain step-by-step explanation of the problems. Moreover, the principles and concepts on which the questions are based are also dealt with in a detailed manner.
  • Practice Tests- All books contain practice tests. These practice tests play a very important role in the preparation. Practicing these tests help you to manage time as well as get familiar with the question types of the test.

The Best ASVAB Book

The best ASVAB book is one that helps you prepare thoroughly for the test. However, for each one of us, the best ASVAB book may be a different. There are many ASVAB books available. Some of them are:

1. Barron's ASVAB

This ASVAB book has a diagnostic test to identify your strengths and weaknesses and the preparation can be based on the results of this test. All the major subject areas are reviewed in this book. 4 full-length tests are included in the book, which come with answers and explanations. Special tips and techniques to analyze and answer the questions in the "Assembling Objects" subtest are a salient feature of this book. Guidelines for the analyses of the test scores, their importance and relation to military jobs are also discussed in this guide. The website, has many available copies of this book. The book costs $12.17 for the paperback edition.

2. Kaplan ASVAB

For anyone preparing for the ASVAB, Kaplan ASVAB offers a comprehensive study guide. Information about the test along with the reviews of all the subtests is given in this book. At the same time, 3 full-length practice tests are given with answers and full answer explanations in this book. A very big advantage of this book is that, an overview of important concepts in math, a vocabulary word list and strategies to take the test are all given. This book is also available at It is priced at $9.87 for a paperback edition and $6.61 for the Kindle edition.

3. ASVAB Basics

This ASVAB study guide contains extensive drills and exercises for the four subjects that are used for the AFQT score: Arithmetic Reasoning, Mathematics Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension and Word Knowledge. This book also helps you sharpen your test taking skills. This book is available at and is priced at $3.99 for a paperback edition. While, old books cab be found at lower rates; "Master the ASVAB Basics", a newer edition of this book is also available.

4. ASVAB for Dummies

In-depth reviews of all the subtests are the high point of this book. In addition, full explanations for every question and tips to identify your weaknesses and better your test taking skills are also available in this book. Alongside, there are four full-length practice ASVAB tests. A thorough review of the foundation concepts and principles of every section makes many consider this book as the best ASVAB book available today.

5. Master the ASVAB

This is one of the most comprehensive ASVAB book. An introduction to the different career options available in the U.S. Military Services is an added advantage that this book has. Four full-length practice tests are present in the book and a detailed overview of the CAT-ASVAB is the highlight of this best ASVAB book. A CD is also provided with this book, which contains a vocabulary builder and more practice tests.


The best ASVAB book for you depends on what your requirements are. First, try to identify what you want and buy the book that suits your requirements the most. You must understand that without hard work, even the best ASVAB book will not be useful. Therefore, work hard with a good ASVAB book and get enlisted in the U.S. Military Services easily.

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