ASVAB Word List

What Is an ASVAB Word List?

If you are an aspiring candidate for the ASVAB, it is essential that you prepare yourself by giving due importance to all the subject areas covered and the subtests included. The subtests that contribute to the AFQT score (Arithmetic Reasoning, Mathematics Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, and Word Knowledge) should be given critical importance, as this is the score that determines your eligibility into military enlisting. Read on to understand about an essential tool for ASVAB/AFQT preparation - an ASVAB word list; and also find useful links to some of the popular ASVAB vocabulary building resources.

The Word Knowledge (WK) Subtest

ASVAB is a battery of nine (ten in the case of CAT-ASVAB) subtests that help evaluate the examinees' abilities and skills in various core areas like English, General and Technical Science, and Mathematics. The test battery is used for two distinct purposes - as an enlistment and classification tool by the US military and as a career exploration tool (as a part of the Career Exploration Program) at many US schools (;

Out of the nine or ten ASVAB subtests, Paragraph Comprehension (PK) and Word Knowledge (WK) are the two subtests that check the candidates' expertise and knowledge in the English language usage. While the Paragraph Comprehension subtest evaluates the abilities to understand written language and follow instructions, the Word Knowledge subtest focuses on measuring the vocabulary skills - the ability to understand the word meanings, and to use the correct terminology ( When preparing for ASVAB, thus, an ASVAB word list can become an essential tool for success.

ASVAB Word Lists

Word lists or vocabulary lists are compendium of words and terminologies for a specific purpose or in a specific domain or in a specific language; such a list helps users or test takers master the words (often in the given area) and improve their vocabulary (often for a defined purpose like test taking). An ASVAB word list is a compendium of English words that can help examinees prepare for the ASVAB Word Knowledge subtest mainly, and also for the Paragraph Comprehension subtest. As the ASVAB test includes multiple-choice questions only, where each examinee has to identify the meaning of the given word, or choose the appropriate synonym for a word, an ASVAB word list also focuses on helping the test takers improve their performance in these two areas.

Many types of ASVAB word lists are available these days; some online, some downloadable, installable, and some in print format. Read on to find some useful online links to ASVAB word list programs.

List of ASVAB Word List Programs

  • - This is a vocabulary building game that you can play online. There are 251 words included in this ASVAB word list. This website also has other word games like crosswords, matching games, and listening games.
  • - has a variety of games and online programs for ASVAB vocabulary building. Six flash cards of 29 terms with meanings, audio options for listening to the pronunciation, etc. are included in this word list.
  • - This is a flashcard based study program available online for ASVAB vocabulary building. The list comprises of 84 words with their meanings. You can also take the help of hints while studying these flashcards. The program also includes a test to check your vocabulary and also a facility that helps you memorize new words and their meanings better.
  • - This is an ASVAB word list that provides a compendium of 115 words, with elaborate definitions and meanings for each, along with audio options to listen to the pronunciation. You need to log into the website to learn these words, but it is available free of cost. A spelling bee game is also included.
  • - This is yet another list of ASVAB vocabulary cards for test preparation. You also have an option to download this ASVAB word list to your system.

This is not a comprehensive list of ASVAB word list programs. In addition to specific ASVAB word list programs, you can also make use of online dictionaries, thesauri, etc. for building up your vocabulary for the ASVAB test. Moreover, as in the case of any other test prep resources, always ensure that you are using materials and programs that fit your specific requirements for test preparation.

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